More each day!

Though we may manage to convince ourselves we have mastery over our own destiny, we can be disabused of that delusion in the few moments it takes for the doctor to read us the results of the biopsy, or to open our front door to the police officer and chaplain, answer that late-night phone call, or have a head-on encounter with that out-of-control drunk driver at 65 miles per hour.  Despite what we tell ourselves, there often comes a moment in life when we truly learn how much is out of our hands.

God has placed us where we are, and not a moment goes by that He doesn’t know exactly where we are and what we are facing.  I am so thankful to know that if and when some crushing blow comes, God will be there to hold me together, or put me  back together, whichever the case may be.  Because life is so unpredictable.  Even when we have some warning of a coming  loss or major life-disrupting-event, we are powerless to brace ourselves or really prepare.

People who trust in Jesus as their Lord and savior are sometimes accused of being weak and needy.  Amen to that, we are, indeed.  Only difference between us and our accusers, is that we know this about ourselves and they don’t yet know that the same is true for them.

People ask why God lets bad things happen.  Mostly I think it is so that by His grace, we can learn we are not as big and strong and smart as we think we are.  Like toddlers who are full of the gusto of discovering who they are, being full of zeal but devoid of knowledge, is a dangerous recipe.  God doesn’t have to devise harsh circumstances to teach us these lessons.  He merely has to step back and let wayward mankind do his own thing.  Rather than wonder why He “lets” bad things happen, I wager we’d be shocked speechless if we could see how many pitfalls and catastrophes He averts on our behalf in a given week.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  We have no idea of our own ignorance.

We are but toddlers, full of ourselves, thinking we know so much, when we don’t.  Sooner or later we all find out, though.  We come to a day when we wish there was Someone Bigger, someone else “with whom the buck stops” instead of us all the time.  It gets wearying being the boss.  It gets hard being the grown up.

God invites you to call on Him.  He knocks at the door, wanting to be let in, to tell you about Himself.  He wrote His Word to tell you about Himself.  God, creator of all that is, Who always was, and always shall be, cares about you!  In the turmoil, in the mess you have made, in this crazy world, there IS a God who has it all in His hands, and a plan to unravel it all and make sense of it all, if you will only let Him.  He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  He sent His son, the Messiah, the sacrificial lamb, to pay your ransom and set you free.  Call upon Him today.  This life, this world, can be so crazy.  We can’t fix oursleves, we can’t fix the messes we have made, but He can redeem it all.  Praise God, I am so thankful He saved me, sinner that I am.  Do I need Him?  Oh, you bet I do.  More and more every day.




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