I sought the Lord and He Heard me….

….and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:41

Prayer is the forerunner of mercy.  Turn to sacred history, and you will find that scarcely ever did great mercy come to this world unheralded by supplication.–Spurgeon

I write about and link to some scary stuff.  Everyone goes through their own process as they absorb and allow themselves to face hard realities.  As Christians, there should be no fear associated with the conditions of Prophecy in Scripture which are coming to fruition all around us.  But with each new development, things grow more serious and ominous.  Pray.

Pray for unsaved loved ones and neighbors.  Witness the gospel to them, and pray for mercy.  As we pray for mercy, it may mean we remain here under these conditions a little longer while God continues to stay His wrath, so that a few more might be saved.  Do not be afraid if you are saved and under the blood.  As long as you are serving the Lord, it is not necessary for you to marinate in constant conscious awareness of the lateness of the hour.  That may not be your calling, as it is mine and others’. God has promised to see us through, (and walk through with us) anything He calls upon you to endure. But whatsoever you do, do heartily as unto the Lord.  Work out your own salvation “in fear and trembling” be a light, and trust in the Lord who hears and sees.  He has everything well in hand.

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  1. That was a very good word, Shekinah! It is also a definite ‘calling’ for those who are stationed on the wall as the end time watchmen.


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