A Selection Significant Articles, Video and Commentary for 10/4/12


Syria tells Russia attack on Turkish town was accident

I’m sure that it is easer to make a mistake like this in the heat of confict than one might think, but this is the sort of thing that could accidentally set off WWIII, considering that the entire Middle East is one big tinderbox.  It’s bad enough to “accidentally” strike a neighboring nation who happens to have given shelter to many of the refugees of your own civil war, but did you happen to see this one yesterday? Wary of Israel, Iran Is Said to Err in Strikes The Iranians appaarently fired upon their own passenger jets.  Sheesh!  Left to their own devices, these problem nations might self-destruct without any outside intervention whatsoever.  Already, though France, The EU, Russia, and Britain weigh in with their “two cents worth”.


Kissinger, US Intelligence Community Endorse World Without Israel


News in the “Increase in Knowledge” or “H+” category….Animals (And Humans) Can Now Be Engineered With Pinpoint Accuracy


US Special Ops Forces on the Move  WASHINGTON – Large, unusual movements of U.S. special operations equipment, including combat planes and gunships, recently have been tracked departing the U.S. and heading east, and various sources believe the movement could be associated with crises brewing in the Middle East and North Africa, according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

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