Media our enemy, Syria boiling over, The Debate, and much more….

Read this: “Infomercials for dictators”, or How the Media is now our Enemy” and you will understand why I do what I do on this blog!  If we depend on American media we will be in the dark.  Because of my health issues, I have more time than many people, to search out the news and I try for Servehiminthewaiting to be a one-stop place to find a sampling of the big stories that are significant to prophecy and the times we are living in.  Some days there is so much to cover, which is why I like to feature other blogs and sites which do the same.  I am concerned that a day will come when this access to information will be curtailed or denied us altogether.

Isaiah 17 May be fulfilled just any day now:

Bomb Shatters Sense of Normalcy: Report From Damascus


What did you guys think of the debate last night?  There was one thing about Obama’s performance that was gratifying, and that was, for ONCE, he finally “looked the American people in the eye” by looking into the camera, however, sadly, he was clearly lost without his teleprompter.  Romney’s performance in the Republican debates was fairly sad, but last night Obama made Romney look like a world-class debating champion.  I’m sorry, do I sound cynical?  LOL.

Obama Hits Back…13 Hours L8R

Check out this snip of the e-mail Obama sent out immediately after the debate fiasco:




New World Order v. Old World Order: The Battle for World Power

The European Union and the Spanish Economic Minister Luis de Guindos have had
secret talks concerning the restructuring of Spain’s austerity cutbacks on
education and health care pre-bailout wherein the nation will lose its
sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission
and the European Central Bank. This sovereign land-grab by the central banking
cartels is mirrored in a recent Goldman Sachs report: “The more the Spanish
administration indulges domestic political interests … the more explicit
conditionality is likely to be demanded.” In other words the technocrats working
for the Zionists are acquiring each country in the EuroZone


Phyllis Schlafly: The Election May Be Decided Before November 6