3 thoughts on “Pro-Life American, want to check your Congressional Rep’s voting record on Pro-Life issues?

  1. This is not directly related to your post, but many in the pro-life movement in the US continue to assert or maintain the view that women are not “pro-choice”. The whole abortion issue is largely caused by “irresponsible” men in their eyes.

    A cursory review of the posts by women here at WordPress on this issue refutes this view. From my real world experiences over many years, it is clear that many women are pro-choice and these are not the type of women who can be pressured into anything. The pro-life movement may help its cause if it faces the unpleasant fact that is has not been able to reach pro-choice women.

    The whole truth, as contrasted to a half truth, is that both women and men are responsible for abortions. So, a relevant question is: When will women en masse reject abortion?


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