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Syria’s New Attack on Lebanon (any news on Syria is relevent now to the potential fulfillment of Isaiah 17).

The entire “Arab Spring” phenomenon, the collapse of governments and long-standing regimes all over the Middle East, is significant to the re-alignment of old alliances and the ultimate formation of the Gog-Magog Alliance of Ezekiel 38.

Syria is not named as part of that alliance, which is why most prophecy scholars believe Isaiah 17 will pre-date Ezekiel 38.  Right now Syria is the “terror arm” of Iran.  They are the port through which Russia and Iran arm the terrorists.  America, too, has played a huge role in arming the terrorists, in the flawed thinking that if they arm one sect or faction to the extent that they can overpower and subdue the other, then peace will finlly reign in the Middle East.  Not going to happen!  Of course, that is a very simplistic synopsis.  Oil, power, politics, all play their part.  I love and respect our military but our young men and women have been pawns in Iraq and Afghanistan just as surely as they were in Viet Nam.

Syria, Iran, Hizbollah attack while US and Israel play computerized War Games!


Iran Points Finger At Israel for Beruit Bomgings


Over 7000 Earthquakes In Past 30 Days And 66 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now

(Pastor Mike Hoggard would probably have some interesting commentary and insight to offer on the significance of those numbers.  Hey, Jay, at TheDivineWord, what do you make of those numbers?


Here comes a biggie!!!!

Watershed Moment For Religious Teaching In Egypt – OpEd

In a noteworthy development that has been largely unreported by foreign media, Egypt’s Ministry of Education announced that a new human rights class for 11th grade students will use portions of the Bible in its curriculum and will discuss non-Muslim rights in Islam [….]

This is only right since kids all over the world are being taught out of the Q’aran.  Yes, right here in America!  But don’t miss the over-arching significance, which is it’s preparation for the tolerence and inclusivity required for a world to embrace one “glabal religion”


This one is rich!  Are you ready for it….?

Russia Blast US Over Human Rights Record

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday denounced the human rights record of the
US, citing maltreatment of children, breach of privacy, police brutality, secret
jails and freedom of expression issues. The ministry presented the report to the
lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, which will hold hearings
on the human rights issue […]

EU Leaders Prepare For ‘Very Long’ November Summit

We’ll want to pay attention to this since the EU is the NWO model for future world governance.


In case you missed anything, (or I missed anything) here is the recap of the week on Lion of Judah blog:

Signs of the Times (10/19/12)


DanRobb007 asks a thought-provoking question in this post:

What is the Lukewarm Church of Revelation 3?


Hat tip to Watchman73  and his great blog ByTheBloodOfTheLamb, for this find,  but rather than reblog, I have to share the link to this article directly from the original source because I am including the first line of the article here, which is priceless and which all by itself is worth the click and the read.

U.S. Congress introduces bill ordering FEMA to conduct ‘mass fatality planning’

By Ethan A Huff

(NaturalNews) While millions of Americans were busy watching the elephant puppet  battle the ass puppet at the latest political circus, the United States Congress  quietly introduced a new piece of legislation ordering the Federal Emergency  Management Agency (FEMA) to begin preparing for mass casualties throughout  the country.

(Is Ethan A Huff a secret “Nom de Plume” for Donna Wasson??? Cuz I am sensing the same “take no prisoners” style here. Quite refreshing!)
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