Headlids® ~ Check it out!!!


Her name is Betty Tollett.  She is a mom, and now an entrepreneur, who has taken a great idea and turned it into a business!
In her own words:
I’m not a nurse, but have a neighbor, Debbie that has been a nurse for 30 years. When weather and schedules permit we like to take walks together. It was during one of these walks that she expressed her need for a good, well fitting surgical hat. I had no idea what a surgical hat was, so she showed me some she had. I took the features she liked from these hats and incorporated them into one hat, which was the classic bouffant. She loved it! I made her many more that she of course wore to work. The next thing I knew her fellow workers were asking me for hats. Some were sending me their own fabric .
I have another nurse friend that works at a different hospital.  She also found out I was making them and wanted one. Well, that  “one” turned into dozens. When she wore hers to work, guess what?  Everyone she worked with wanted some too.  So, I developed other styles which these nurses were glad to try out. With much encouragement from family and friends I decided to go into the surgical hat business. Our youngest daughter knows computers and was instrumental in setting up the web site. My husband came up with the name and helps with orders and paper work and the like. So, this is a family business in the truest sense of the word.
I also opened an Etsy store in August.
As a former hospice and chemo nurse, I would like to add that these would also make nifty head-coverings for those experiencing the hair-loss which often accompanies chemotherapy!