A Few items of interest you won’t find in the headlines.

Another “Islamic Antichrist” post worth considering: From the Arab Spring to Daniel 11′s Kings: What To Look For Next (from P2alm.com)


This is the proper approach to “Prepping” for the Christian from Raptureimminent.com: Preparedness


11 Reasons Why this is not Cast Lead


Once again a raid on innocent private residence:  FBI Rushes Into Home of Maryland Family and Shoots at Unarmed 18 Year Old Girl
From Lyn Leahz:
My comments on Lyn’s Post:A quote about Tawadros II from the Egypt Independant: “Tawadros, formerly the archbishop of Beheira, draws his reputation from being one of the church’s dovish figures, known for seeking peaceful solutions to sectarian conflicts that arose under his jurisdiction. He is a close figure to the former interim pope, Bishop Pachomius”.  This guy becomes even more interesting when you consider the history of his namesake Tawadros I, and what happened during his reign:http://salamamoussa.com/2012/11/14/tawadros-ii-what-is-in-a-name/