Egypt, Palestine, Mutants, And Primaries in Israel, a few light topics for you to peruse over your Rice Crispies!

Brace Yourselves, Arab Winter is Coming

Anti-Mursi protesters chant anti-government slogans in Tahrir Square in CairoReuters/Asmaa Waguih



UN implicitly recognizes Palestinian statehood

Spain and France plege support, Israel vows to topple Abbas


Egypt Assembly Adopts Draft Constitution

Constituent assembly approves articles of disputed new constitution, as opposition continue protests.

Egypt Assembly


Herzog Wins Israel Labor Party Primary

(Shekinah Commentary:Interestingly this guy shares the name of a man who very much promoted the rebuilding of the temple in Israel. I’ll have to look into that more later!)


Dawn of the X-Men? MUTANTS swarm AMONG US, say geneticists

Particularly among weirdo Europeans ( Shekinah says:Um, as you read this, wouldn’t you agree it flies in the face of the whole “Natural Selection” theory?)


The UN vote, the International Criminal Court and the riddle of Palestinian intentions