One thought on “Why the “Born This Way” Argument Fails

  1. Very good argument! I have used that argument before a long time ago in talking to homosexuals Actually, they don´t know how to react when you agree with them that everybody is born that way, I tolf them point blank, I was born a liar, a thief, an alcoholic, a violent, an immoral, impure person, a hateful, resentful, jealous person and I listed the whole list of real sins in my life. and then only then I would tell them the change that Christ had done when I was born again after repenting and believing the good news that He only can change and transform a heart like a stone into a soft, contrite heart open to receive Him and His pardon. It´s always better to remember when we were sinners and that we weren´t any better than other sinner, but perhaps worse than them. And still Jesus loved us and freed us from our bondage whatever it was.


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