The next phase

It would seem the hottest topic right now is the debate over guns.  We already have armed policemen in all of our schools where I live, but frankly it’s not a whole lot of comfort.  A whole lot of kids and teachers could be killed before one cop could hoof it across campus, and even then he would be easily out-gunned by the likes of the Sandy Hook shooter.  There is no doubt that the more noise that is being made about gun control, the faster guns and ammo are flying off the shelves here in America.

Unfortunately the criminals continue to be better-armed than the law-abiding citizens and furthermore, the criminals have an inside advantage which is their counterpart in government.  The socialist movement is using the Radical Muslims to further their agenda, while the arrangement is mutually beneficial to the radical Muslims.  And that is not just happening in the Middle East, but right here in America.

Fortunately for the Christian, we can watch all of this secure in the knowledge that God Himself is going to intervene in the not-too-distant future to subdue the evil that right now seems to have been given a particularly liberal free reign, but instead there are a lot of professing Christians who believe they are to be preparing to enter into the battle and take on the devil and his armies.  Don’t fall for that.  It is not those people who are your enemy, it is the one who indwells those people.  When Christ returns to put down the insurrection, He will not have to lift a finger, but merely speak, His Word itself going out as a sword to cut down the enemy once and for all.  His Word is the only weapon we have.  Guns won’t do it.  Not now, and not later.  I am a firm believer in ones right to defend his family, self, and property.  But I’m telling you that the battle people are arming themselves for right now, is not carnal but supernatural in nature.   Remember Jesus Christ’s admonition to Peter when the authorities came to arrest Jesus, and Peter pulled out his sword and whacked the ear off one of the officers?

Matthew 26:52-53  Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.

53 Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?

This is a situation not unlike that found in 2 Kings chapter 6 and calls for similar faith.  Buying into the prepper/militia mentality (by that I mean prepping for the apocalypse, not reasonable prepping for weather events, etc) people are playing directly into the hands of the enemy.  We aren’t supposed to fear what mere man can do to us, but the One with power to cast souls into hell, He is the one to be feared.  We need the faith of David, the faith of Daniel, the faith of Elisha.  Don’t misunderstand me.  We are to stand against evil, but stand wearing the armor, and armed with the sword of God’s Word as a defense against the attacks that come.  We will not conquer evil in this world.  We won’t!  That is a task only Jesus can and will accomplish.  But we are admonished not to be overcome by evil, rather to overcome evil with good.  That means to gain superiority over, to get the better of.   Sounds a little like “rising above it all” doesn’t it? (Like Noah in the ark?)

How better to rise above the evil of this world than by burrowing deeper into the grace of God, being hidden “in the cleft of the rock”, being still and fully anticipating the deliverance He will bring.  The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.

Yet to the end, some are still caught up in the misguided belief that that God needs us to fight His battles for Him.  Jesus won the victory over sin by submitting unto death, giving up the ghost by will.

Anyone who is in league with this push to subdue the people, change “laws and times”, redefine nations, and amass power into an eventual global one-world government, is in league with the spirit of antichrist.  They are enslaved by Satan.  You shoot one of them in an effort to preserve your own physical life, and you will be sealing their eternity in hell.   We know no one is given power on this Earth that was not given directly from the hand of God, even if it is for the purpose of chastisement.

What is about to take place on this Earth has been prophesied for a couple of thousand years.  How many wars has this globalist agenda already drawn us into?  Satan doesn’t care about “righteous causes”.  He just cares about how many souls he can collect and take down with him when death, hell, and the grave are cast with him into outer darkness.

It is time particularly for American Christians to take a good long look at our values.  Patriotism does not supersede our citizenship in Heaven. As Christians we will have a “heavy account to answer”.   Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind, but to be fully persuaded, we must be fully informed.  As Christians our choices are to be informed according to scripture.  Was the Civil War a righteous war?  It all depends on who you ask.  Lincoln was known to have referred to Harriet Beecher Stowe as “the little lady who started this big war”.  When she wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she had already been working in the underground railroad to help slaves escape to freedom in the North.  Once she had been exposed to the harsh realities of slavery, it changed everything for her.  She could never turn a blind eye and “un-know” what she knew.  And knowing what she knew, she could no longer remain silent.

I am not making a declaration one way or another about whether to fight or submit.  Just that you be “fully persuaded” as to which one God would have you do, because when the moment comes you will make a choice that you won’t have time to think over.  With all the guns, all the ammo, all the anger, division, chaos, when the bullets start to fly in this country, people will die.  It is already happening on an isolated but already tragic scale.  The news items I send out probably often cause people to wonder where exactly I do stand on some things.  That is on purpose.  Each of us has to take all of this into consideration and prayerfully make up our own minds about things.

Satan doesn’t care about righteous causes.  He only cares about how many souls he can take down with him when he, along with death, hell and the grave, are thrown into outer darkness.  How many wars (not to mention the smaller battles) have those demonically indwelt and inspired leaders already taken us into, and how many souls already lost?

We have to weigh our own potential life and death against that of others, and against protecting our loved ones.  For Christians, to live is Christ, to die is gain.  I know from this blog and the people I hear from, there are many who are primed for a fight, while others who will gladly take the bullet if it means getting to heaven that much faster.  To those who are ready to fight, those who are ready to die may be viewed as cowards or even “suicidal” in some way.  Those who would choose to go on home rather than have the blood of others on their hands, might be equally perplexed or disdainful of those who intend to fight.  But it should not be that way.  I am not sure but what both positions have been placed in the hearts of individuals by God Himself.  God did often command His men to slaughter the unrighteous.  While He also commands us to submit to the leaders He has placed over us.  All that I am saying here is; know which one you are so that when/if you are put in the position of having to make that split-second decision, you won’t have to make it.  It will already be made.  Christian preppers should consider the possibility that the reason God has led them to stockpile food and emergency supplies, may not be for yourself and your family as you have assumed, but as a means of provision for those left behind.

As we move into 2013 it is a time during this lull to rest, take stock and prepare for the next phase.  The tribulation is only closer than it has ever been.  It is time to strengthen those things which remain, reject the Jezabels among us (false prophetesses), reject the doctrines of the Nicolaitans, (that is the effort to subdue the laity with the idea that the pastors and spiritual leaders have spiritual understanding, thus denying the priesthood of the individual believer which was secured at the cross when the temple veil was rent), and the doctrines of Balaam which is leading believers into worship of false idols by practices such as divination and listening prayer, a la Beth Moore, Sarah Young, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, et al).  These people are hearing from devils and these are pagan practices being repackaged and sold to the church as a “new move of the Holy Spirit” though the Bible tells us there is truly nothing new under the sun.   God warned us we would need to be shrewd as serpents and that “if it were possible, even the elect would be deceived”.

Be sure and watch Obama’s second inauguration for subtle occult symbols and references, and March seems to be the next “deadline” in regards to Iran.  Of course March 20th is the Spring Equinox, significant to the occult world and a likely time for those who are guided by demonic spirits to act out.

Hold steady, watchmen, now is not a time to falter.  I will have to conclude that this message is needed by someone just on the basis of technical difficulty I have had in trying to post it.  Hang on.  Dig in and be sure your armor is on. The turn of the calendar page, now that 12/21/12 is behind us, will bring further complacency in some, while the globalist agenda will likely take leaps that were previously unimaginable.

Are you ready?

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  1. Excellent post; I fully agree with the content of your post. There is Godly wisdom in your writing and exhorting us to be steadfast in our faith. We need to place our trust in God and His Word and know that it is He who holds our future in His hands.


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