5 thoughts on “Discerning Angus Buchan’s ‘Faith Like Potatoes’: it’s more like half-baked potatoes

  1. I did want to add one thing. In your cigarette comparison you defend her by saying if you tell someone that cigarettes will kill them in an effort to get them to quit you are actually trying to help them. Anyone that smokes nowadays is well aware that smoking, even if it doesn’t kill you, will hurt your health and even destroy your looks. Yet, they persist in smoking. So, if someone comes to them and states the obvious, what they already know, do you think they will quit?

    But, let a person that loves them come to them and say, “I love you. I want you healthy. I want to be with you for as long as possible. Also, out of love, the person prays that their message will be received by the smoker. Who do you think is more likely to be successful in getting the person to quit smoking?


  2. Hi Starry! I love your name. Thanks for reading and for your comment. Before you come to your ultimate conclusion about Mrs. Prata, would you do me a favor and read this specific post of hers. It may help you understand a little better about her way of expressing herself..http://the-end-time.blogspot.com/2011/11/testament.html

    Elizabeth has a very “black and white” way of expressing things, which is actually, for me, one of the things I appreciate most about her, because I’m such a sensitive/emotional type, it can be hard for me to see or express things in a clear and concise way, thus a conversation with someone who cuts to the heart of a matter, de-clutters the process for me, but I can see how that could seem simply abrupt if I didn’t know more about her.

    I am not a registered blogspot user, so whenever I go to comment over there, there are several steps to getting a comment through their security screen before it ever makes it into moderation. I’ve had comments disappear on me. (I found out it’s equally daunting to get a comment onto WordPress if not a registered user).

    Anyway, I personally have found Elizabeth to be very considerate in my own interactions with her. I found the comment you referred to about the Monks. Scripturally-speaking what she said is true. Would it be harsh to warn someone that smokes 4 packs of cigarettes a day, that they are probably going to die of cancer? Where Elizabeth is coming from is that Christ is the only way to Heaven. She isn’t being judgmental in her statement, she is merely stating truth according to the Bible. Most folks who say they “can’t” believe the Bible, or “can’t believe in a God who would send people to hell” really mean they refuse to believe, that is to say, they don’t like what the Bible says, so they reject it or alter the meaning. When a surgeon de-brides a wound, it’s painful, but necessary. I see Elizabeth’s unapologetic approach that way. But I fully respect your prerogative to disagree with her or with me as well. Opinion is one thing, and absolute truth is another thing. None of our opinions alter what is true, and in Scripture Jesus says ‘I am the way, the TRUTH and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me”. In terms of eternity, if a person is not going to the Father (in heaven) when they die, then they are going to hell. I pretty much hold to the same requirement as Elizabeth does as far as backing up one’s assertions with scripture.


    • She allowed my posts up until the one where I reminded her that we are to love everyone, believer and non-believer. Previous to this, she criticized me and stated that I regarded him as a teacher because I did not question his motives. Paul himself stated that he did not question the motives of other preachers and only looked to if they were bringing people to God.

      I agree that if someone is not going to Heaven they will go to Hell. However, we will not bring people to the TRUTH if we are using methods that are not of God. Paul stated that of all the gifts one could have been blessed with, the greatest was Love and, that without Love, our works and words are nothing. It also says that without love “I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” When I read her review, it actually hurt to read the words and it was if I could hear the sound of a clanging cymbal.

      “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Without being born of these characteristics, the efforts to bring others to Christ will be in vain. Her methods most certainly do not adhere to Paul’s words. Indeed he goes on to say ” Her comment to the monks and her review of the movie showed a complete lacking of love and instead a desire to condemn.

      The mark of someone reaching out to others to bring them to God, to Christ, that acts with the Word within their heart and not out of selfishness, pride, and evil, is to question if they speak in love. The comment regarding the monks was shockingly perverse. It wasn’t just harsh. The way she constructed the statement was to shock. This is not of God and would do more to move people away from God than to draw them near. Indeed, read the comments to her post.

      Knowledge of scripture alone does not mean that the person quoting scripture is acting on behalf of God. Satan knows scripture and quoted it to Christ. Also, her statement that man would not be able to perform miracles is a good example. For Satan hides lies within truth. There is no where in the Bible that it states that God will withdraw from man in this way. Even more importantly, it was never man that performed miracles. It was always God and even Jesus repeatedly stated this. Yet, she repeatedly stated the time of man performing miracles has ended. In my comment, that she did not allow through, I asked her upon what authority did she state this. She did not allow my comment through and so as to avoid responding. She has no such authority to make such statements.

      She suggests that because no one has interviewed people that were healed during Buchan’s revivals was because they were phony. However, I have not found anything on the web where anyone in all the time he has preached has come forward with a testimony that the healings were staged. If this man is being successful in bringing people to God, then why question it? It is the responsibility of the individual to open the Bible to see what belief in Christ means and to develop their relationship with God. So, I suggest to you to be careful whose ministry you follow just in the same manner she warns of Mr. Buchan. In all that he says he speaks of love and the giving and sharing of God’s love. I cannot say the same of her words. They are dark. God did speak in these terms in the Bible when speaking with the prophets. Jesus came and gave us a new way, a way to speak and a way to be. She does not represent this at all.

      Also, if you access her blog through Firefox, you are not required to go through the steps you do if you go through another search engine. You can simply post if you identify yourself as anonymous.

      Walking with God in His light and love is not easy, especially not in today’s world. Yet, this is what Jesus calls us to do. It is far easier to condemn others. Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. Indeed, thought I have said all of this, I do not have the right or power to condemn her. do have a right to use my discernment to speak to me of what is of God and what is not. I believe she does not work for the grace of God towards others. I have said many prayers for her as something in her life has moved her towards darkness.

      Peace be with you.


      • I don’t want to go any further in discussing this, or, even thinking about it; as, it is not productive. So, I wont be responding again. My life is not about reviewing the words and actions of others. I have a deep abiding faith in God and know that, even when seeds of hate are sown in His name, this will be overcome and it will be of no meaning. Therefore, I have already given it far too much of my attention. I wish you well as you continue your walk with Him.


  3. I gave the re-blogged article a one because the author is way off base. I had commented to her essay and disagreed with her approach. Her comments regarding the scene when the dead son visits his father in a dream are down right cruel. She and I exchanged comments on the site and she issued a challenge to me to give her scripture. I declined for a couple of reasons, first even Satan knows scripture. So, knowledge of the Word means nothing. What does mean everything is how we treat one another–love.

    Her essay is devoid of compassion. The movie is a story of the a man’s transformation after giving his life to God. It is also about brotherly love and finding a way to peace within a community torn by conflict. Yes, miracles are performed. But, that is not only message in the movie. Yet, she choose to ignore the others and to fault Mr. Buchman as she does not believe that miracles are still “performed by men”. They never were. Buchman gives all credit to God just as Christ did. It is on those souls that have been brought to God to develop a relationship with God. Buchman cannot do this for them. Paul said that he didn’t care the motives that drove men to go into ministry or their methods. He only cared that souls were moved towards Christ. So, who is she to question Buchman?

    I responded to the post where she issued her challenge. In her next post, she claims that I never responded and am, therefore, a troll that lacks a mature faith. The truth is, I did respond. She failed to post my response and instead labelled me a “troll”. She out and out lied. In fact, I responded to her twice. The last time to ask her about the fact that she had lied.

    Curious given how she presents herself and criticizes the faith of others, I did a goggle search on her and discovered where she had made extremely cruel comment regarding Tibetan monks. It is too horrid to repeat or reprint. So, anything that this woman writes and posts, in my opinion, is extremely suspect.


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