Satan, Ezekiel, the prince of Tyre, and magnets

Satan, Ezekiel, the prince of Tyre, and magnets.

The preceding link is to an article by Elizabeth Prata.

Elizabeth Prata is a Christian who has been gifted with a very sharply-honed insight into scripture.  She is an avid and disciplined student of the Word and I am repeatedly astounded and greatly blessed by her writing on Scriptural subjects.

The unsaved are completely oblivious to Satan’s influence and work in their lives, but sadly many Christians are either equally oblivious, or they under-estimate Satan’s utter hatred and jealousy of God and the high value God places in His children.  Many Christians also waste time and take chances engaging Satan in ways God never sanctioned in His Word.  Satan is a powerful being and we who are saved by the blood of Jesus are not subject to Him, but he is still capable of damage and interference in our lives.  Best to leave the hand-to-hand combat to the angels.  James 4:7 tells us that if we “resist the devil” (by submitting to God), then Satan has no choice but to flee!