Unwitting compromise and leaven

A few years back my family was attending a non-denominational church that had a very talented praise band.  I knew a lot of the people in the church and had heard good things about it, and I knew these were people who had a genuine love of Jesus.  But every time I went in the sanctuary during the praise-music period, I had a very disturbed spirit through out the praise time.  The praise tunes were repetitive choruses and a lot of them were right off the contemporary Christian top 20 charts.  Doesn’t get much fresher than that, right?  As I fasted and prayed over this disconcerting “spiritual interference” I sought the Lord about what it was.  Was it a satanic attempt to rob me of the ability to praise by distraction?  Was it something regarding someone on the praise team who needed prayer?  I prayed for months and it only got worse for me, harder to be present in the sanctuary during that time.  So I started looking into Contemporary Christian music in general.  Prior to that I had really no exposure or knowledge of occult stufff, but I kept finding online posts which pointed out a trend where occult words and symbols were showing up in so many of the Christian Praise genre of musicians, in their album covers, in their lyrics, even photos of the artists themselves.  I don’t spend a lot of time in the car, but when I did I usually kept the radio on the Christian station, and I remember hearing some songs that also gave me that same uncomfortable feeling in my spirit and in my gut.  One in particlular was by a female artist.  I can’t recall her name now, but I do remember that she is blind.  She sang what I guess was meant to be a “love song” to Jesus, but it was sung in that breathy-sensual way that most secular artists use.  I do not feel it is appropriate to address our Lord and Savior like an earthly boyfriend you have the hots for, frankly, lol.   I jest, as with the song when I heard it, I just sort of remember frowning and thinking, thats just a little wierd to me, and turning it off.  But then, maybe it’s not a joking matter after all.

I remember also seeing a video, another female, where the cinematograpy of the video was also very sensual.  The song was, I think, called “Trust Me”.  The singer is young, blonde, and nothing about her overtly sleezy or anything, but I remember thinking, why is she singing this on a bed, with the fans blowing her hair back and that dream-like quality to the shoot? She also sang in that whispery/breathy way.   Another image that comes to mind is a lovely black singer, she is singing about her love for the Lord, but looking very sensual, moving in that sort of slowed-down way (like the video from the Titanic) with hair flowing and long, while swinging on a swing.

Now, this does not suggest that these artists are purposely using sexuality to draw people in, but it is clear to me that at the very least someone who is “handling them” (peripherally involved in production) is capitalizing on that (sexuality) in subtle but distinct ways.

Aren’t Christians supposed to be distinct from the world?  Come ye out from among them and be ye separate?

I once loved to listen to Michael W. Smith, and D.C. Talk/Toby Mack.  Michael W. Smith’s music often had that same dreamlike quality to it, while D. C. Talk of course had that “funky/quazi-hip-hop” feel.  Fun, youthful, fresh is how I would have described them.  Not so “stuffed-shirt” and pious like some Christian music, I thought

But over time in my own quest for answers and truth,  through church-splits and disillusionments in my own walk with the Lord, I came to the point where I was finally willing to truly examine a lot of what passes for acceptable in modern Christianity, specifically my own.  Not setting out to condemn anyone, just interested in making sure that I myself was on the straight and narrow.

Music is a huge part of life for a lot of people.  Whether you have any musical talent of your own, or just a huge appreciation for it, music was created by God to be powerful.  Well, here’s the thing about music:  Satan was the “anointed cherub that covereth” before his fall.  I reblogged Elizabeth Prata’s article on that passage just this morning, which speaks of Satan’s great physical beauty, but it also talks about the musical aspect of the creature Satan: “the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created”  The job of the cherub was to give praise to God.  (Ezekiel 10:4) So Satan at one time was right there above the throne, apparently having tabrets and pipes as a part of his physical makeup.  His job was praise.  He was the lead praise guy! Tabrets have to do with percussion, and pipes would be like an organ or flute or wind instrument.  So it is safe to say Satan knows a lot about music, it’s original intent, and it’s power.

Music can lift you and carry you away.  Some people depend on it like a drug, and can get so lost in it that it carries them into altered states of consciousness, and I believe that is exactly what about the praise band type music that so disturbs my spirit.  We have the ability as humans to enter into these altered states.  In fact, in times of trauma and shock, that ability can be life-saving and is God-given.  But Satan the great manipulator abuses this aspect of our make-up for his own evil purposes just like he uses sexuality and other good things God created for good reasons and purposes.

One of the songs we used to sing in that church was Chris Tomlin’s “In the Secret”.

In the secret, in the quiet place

In the stillness you are there

In the secret, in the quiet hour I wait

Only for you ’cause I want to know you more

I want to know you

I want to hear your voice

I want to know you more

I want to touch you

I want to see your face

I want to know you more

and it goes on to repeat these same words a few times.  On the surface, it looks good.  We see a man singing about his god with a shameless desire to know him better.  But what is the “secret”?  What about God is secret?  That word concerns me because it is the “Mystics” of this world who are forever talking about secrets.  The secret societies, the mythical religions.  God doesn’t hide things that way.  He makes His ways known.  It is all the other religions that require man to “find and work his own way to god” while in Christianity God came down to man and revealed  Himself to man, sought man, and performed the act which made reconciliation possible.

In his song “Our God is Greater” Chris Tomlin uses the phrase “rise from the ashes” twice.  Again, I am not suggesting that these artists are knowingly using occult symbolism in their music but it is disconcerting to me, as we know songs and all things artistic come to us in the form of “inspiration” to wonder just who is “inspiring” either the artist or their “handlers” and by that I just mean the huge team required to make a recording project, music video or a concert happen.

The concept of “rising from the ashes” comes from ancient Egyptian mythology.  What “rises from the  ashes” is the soul of the sun God Ra, or Osiris, in the form of a Phoenix bird.  It is said to die in a fire of it’s own making, and resurrect itself from its own ashes.   In early incidences of apostacy under Greek and Roman influence, it is said that the symbol of the Phoenix was adopted as a symbol of Christianity, however this is the same “christianity” that resulted in the Crusades and martyrdom of many believers under the church of Rome.   In other words, false christianity.

Going with the same thread I’ve been on for a couple of days now about deception, I really believe that there are a lot of practices that have been embraced in the mainstream church of today that actually have their roots and origin in pagan religions.  That mixture of truth with error which is the little leaven which leaveneth the whole lump.

Here are some examples of this occult stuff in the materials of modern Contemporary Artists most readers of this blog are probably familiar with and may listen to on a regular basis without knowing this questionable stuff is woven in:

 Third Day winged globe

This symbol above and below the name “Third Day” is the winged globe or disk.  A symbol of the Sun god Ra.
See it here on secular rock band Journey’s album cover for the project aptly named “Evolution”.

Journey Evolution Album Cover

Sybmol looks a lot like the Phoenix!  Does it not?  The Phoenix burns, rises again from the ashes.  This is not about resurrection in Jesus Christ, it is the humanistic belief in mans aspirations of attaining godhood and immortality.
What communion hath light with darkenss?  Clean with unclean?

Notice that the TriQuetra symbol (slightly altered in center of Third Day’s winged globe) is also present in this Led Zeppelin logo:

The TriQuetra is associated with many gods and goddesses, wicca and paganism.  Though it is seen on the front of some Bibles these days, supposedly to signify the Holy Trinity, we have been warned we are not supposed to make a “graven image” to signify God or the Godhead.

This symbol is a rune which stands for the moon god:

ing rune for moon godA rune is defined as: a magical symbol or spell: a mysterious symbol, inscription, or incantation, especially one with supposed magical power (bing dictionary)

So what are these artists (or their handlers) trying to “invoke” with these “magic symbols” on their albums?

Michael W Smith

Christmastime album

michael w smith's christmastime album runes (Michael W Smith is written backwards here)

I have a huge burden in my heart over the unwitting deception many of todays “churched” are subjected to.  This doesn’t mean those people are unsaved, but if we operate under false understanding, we cannot be effective servants.  That is why the Lord mourns that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.  (Hosea 4:6)

There is a huge movement that is crying out for national repentance, which seems to want to encourage believers to “repent on behalf of others”  But until we are willing to be the one placed under the microscope and let Him show us where WE PERSONLLY are wrong (maybe even not realizing it) then we can’t expect anything to change in the church.   You are the church.  I am the church.  It is so easy for me to talk about what is wrong with “the church” these days, but when you admit that the church is only the sum of it’s parts (individual christians) then you have to also realize the only piece of the body you have any ability to bring into subjection and submission, is yourself.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16  Due to my own experiences and the things I’ve learned through them, I guess you could say I have become somewhat of  “purist”.  I can’t help but wonder if the church as a whole wouldn’t be much better off if we revisited the “old paths”.

On the subject of National Repentance see this article:


(I took part in the National Day of Prayer and National Repentance which this article talks about)

If you know me from this blog at all, you know that I, like most believers, just want to get it right.  I do not mean to offend anyone but I think it is awfully late “in the night” We can’t afford to be anything short of absolutely honest with ourselves, God, and one another.

(I love you LL, not picking on you, this is just what the Lord laid on my heart after I put that question on your post earlier today).

Toby Mac occult symbolism:http://newjerusalemchronicle.blogspot.com/2011/05/toby-mac-and-third-day-more-examples-of.html


7 thoughts on “Unwitting compromise and leaven

  1. I wanted to mention that the rune you’re seeing there is also a vesica.

    Have a look here:

    It’s used in the x-tian fish, on old church buildings, and in lots of art. The accuser is obsessed with YHWH’s creation and wants to be like Him… It’s no wonder that there’s an obvious obsession with sex, DNA, and the like.

    I have questioned Tomlin for a long while and I’m happy to have stumbled on your post here.

    I wanted to mention that Tomlin says he writes the songs, and from what I recall he has a group of pastors look over it to ensure iris biblically “sound”

    I am seeing that if there is a “mistake” it would most certainly be intentional.


    • Thanks for that insight and the link! That will come in handy as a resource. Pastor Mike Hoggard does a lot of research and videos about these symbols and things, which is where I first learned about them. I also read a book about church history and learned how true it actually is that a lot of tradition and symbolism of modern church stemmed from pagan ritual. That stuff started infiltrating the church from the first century on. The devil’s been in business a long time, but his time is running out!

      By the way, Tawnie is one of my favorite names. Don’t encounter it much.

      Well, the thing about taking his music to the pastors, is that a person hasa difficult time these days finding pastors that are Biblically sound, because the seminaries aren’t sound. Some Bibles aren’t even Biblically sound! Yeah, I think there is a deeply embedded conspiracy in the “Christian music” industry by Satan, to package and sell a different Jesus, and a different “gospel” or faith other than the saving kind. I didn’t believe it myself until recent years. Before that, I thought “Christian Rock! Cool!”. I remember some of Michael W. Smith’s music that I would “bliss out” to that literally did seem to “take me away into my own mind” like in an altered state of consciousness, when I was stressed out in life, work, etc, and looking back now, it was kind of spooky what kind of things happened during that period. There is this spirit realm that masquerades as “goodness and light” and people are all set on interacting with it, seeking it, not knowing that what they are really interacting with is pure evil. This strong desire for the “experiential” and everything based on feelings. Once I heard a Christian lady say she had never seen Glen Beck before, and never really liked to listen to him, but a couple of years ago, (Beck is a Morman) he started bringing religion into everything, and this lady saw him on t.v. talking about a benefit he was going to put on, and she said “I just got “glory bumps” and I just could feel the Holy Spirit in him. Zeal without knowledge! Dangerous! No discernment. Just because he was doing charitable work, and saying “God” and “Jesus”, he was divinely anointed in her estimation. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. God mourns the fact.



    I usually like to listen to christian gospel songs before I pray.

    This time I looked for one about “FAITHFUL GOD”.
    So I went to went to youtube and found a long list, with Chris Tomlin’s song topping the list.

    When I started playing the clip the first pic I saw made me FREEZE.

    See http://i47.tinypic.com/dvlhue.jpg

    To the most people it looks okay.
    Looking at it with spiritual discernment, a lot looks amiss and down right satanic

    The light in the background is above a pyramid, like the EYE OF HORUS. This is an occult symbol used by freemasons. The lines of the floor form the pyramid outline.

    See http://i48.tinypic.com/5korbq.jpg

    Not only that is wrong, if u look at the light it is coming out of darkness.
    The picture is actually saying also “OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT”, this is an occultic phrase.
    Just like the occult phrase “OUT OF CHAOS COMES ORDER”

    As Our Lord has never been in darkness and will never be in darkness.

    This demonic phrase “OUT OF DARKNESS COMES LIGHT”, should not be confused with

    2 Corinthians 4:6
    For God, who commanded the light to SHINE out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts.

    2 Corinthians 4:6, says that God command Light to SHINE out of darkness, it does not COME out of darkness and will NEVER.

    Armed this discernment & knowledge I decided to see if anybody else had misgivings about the so called Chris Tomlin, and bang I found this page.



    • I am glad that the Lord led you here and that you shared what you saw. Thanks for your comment. I do not enjoy being the bearer of bad news and I know people could easily chalk these things (which I try to expose here) up to negativity but this stuff really is everywhere in “Christian” music, books, marketing, etc and once you recognize it, you really start to see that. It is good when other people add their own confirmation. Satan is calculating, and the final frontier for him to conquer is the church itself. Music is his forte! He has made major strides into mainstream church, even in the most fundamental of denominations. This is merely one more sign of the lateness of the hour as we near the end of the age of grace.

      He is talking about rising out of the ashes. I don’t know if he is secretly a worshiper of Satan or has embraced some false gospel in ignorance, (and is a victim) but it is clear that demonic influences are acting to inspire his lyrics, and the imagery on his albums. I don’t know how much the artist is involved in those parts of the process (writing, graphics, etc), maybe someone else writes for him, and certainly there are others who design album covers, but it is disturbing to know these influences can be so intimately involved in what Chris Tomlin and any other professing Christian artist is doing. The music in this album has that “bliss-out” dreamy quality to it. It creates a hypnotic effect, altered state of awareness, euphoria, making the person very suggestible. Perfect environment for deception. His song “Let Faith Arise”, another reference to rising up. Just like Satan’s proclamation that he will ascend above the heights of heaven. “Let Faith Arise, open my eyes” the phrase is repeated several times. The “3rd eye”? Spiritual sight/enlightenment? He never says “Jesus”, instead he sings to some nefarious “you”. “No chains on me, throwing off “cold religion” walls coming down” The way that song starts out, it says “this is a dream”. I am not even saying these artists are aware of this stuff. Satan is very subtle. Perception without awareness means you are taking in a “hidden message or meaning” without even realizing it. These are perilous times!


  3. I really believe that if God had not simultaneously called me to intercessory ministry at the same time and therefore I was in a period of extended fasting and seeking the Lord on behalf of that church, that I would have never had my eyes opened about what it was that was disturbing my spirit. As it was, I did the best I could to try and show to the others what the Lord was showing me, but I don’t think it got through and that is often how it is, they have to hear it from the Lord themselves and if they aren’t open to having their choices and practices scrutinized or questioned, then it is highly unlikely that will happen. I still pray for that group because as I said, they love the Lord, no doubt in my mind! God has ordained some things like how we worship Him, (best example are those who touched the Ark of the Covenant and died). Any ole thing we want to do and call it worship, doesn’t fly with God.

    Yes, I remember in my childhood that even without any aunts or uncles or grandparents in my own church, the relationships between the members made it feel like they were family. How in the world can that be accomplished in the megachurches that are pretty much set up like WalMart or McDonalds, trying to be all things to all people and really, in the end, all they are selling is low-quality junk and junk food, without nutrient, substance, or true value.


  4. Besides the blatent undercurrent of restless feeling of which you speak (I’ve been concerned about this for a few years) I’m saddened to see many churches dividing their worship services into different time periods, usually one labelled “modern” and one “traditiional,” usually relating to their music choices. My own church has been divided by MUSIC. Some have moved on to find another church trying to satisfy their need to return to some part of the old paths. First the music caused division, then the general ministries have visibly turned to youth oriented programs and goals, forgetting that there are the sick and infirmed among us and many people alone who have reached a stage in life where they hunger for the church family they once had. Yes, I am an old fogie; but I started in church as a small child. The difference in ages and years in the Lord’s service always has seemed to me to be a part of the spirit that brought us closer together as a “church.” Every person used to have numerous children, parents, grandparents, etc., in the church as a whole.

    I am, however, a lover of music inspired by the Holy Spirit and used to bring joy to our hearts and worship to our God. I believe our “spirit” will recognize a spirit inspired by Satan and used to divide the Church in these last days.Thank you for being vigilant, Sandee. I’m with you on this one.


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