The Apostate Modern (Harlot) Church goes mainstream, “making merchandise” of the gospel of Jesus Christ and turning the grace of God to laciviousness

If you thought you were sick of the garbage coming out of the t.v. screens and the audacity of advertisers in 2012, you “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.  The world having gotten just about as worldly as it can get, having invaded the church with it’s worldliness, now seeks to bring the apostate church down into equal depths of depravity.  In many cases the faithful remnant is being forced to leave “institutionalized church” and meet in private homes but the powers-that-be are not going to stand for that either.  Christian persecution increased across the globe in 2012 and very notably here in America.   If Jesus was angry with the money-changers, I can only imagine how the Lord feels about this:

Provocative Clothing Company Creates Tees to Help Christian Girls be ‘Playful’ for Jesus


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