Clarification on a previous post

On January 9 I wrote a post entitled “Before you link to or recommend Susan Posel’s articles from Occupy Corpratism, please read this:”

I did not provide enough specifics in my post to direct readers to the specific portion of relevent content which I wished for them to see, and I apologize for any confusion this may have resulted in.  (I have now edited that post to show exactly which portion of the content on that page that is relevent).  As always, my standard disclaimer (click HERE and see “Blogroll/link disclaimer) applies, in that my posting of links to a particular article or piece of information on a site (usually relative to a specific topic), should not be construed as an endorsement of the overall content on that site.  The case in point in this instance, the linked site is  “Nature Cons“, on  It has been brought to my attention that other content on this site shows a clear anti-semitic bent, and that is not something that I support or condone.  As much of my content on ServeHiminTheWaiting indicates, I am staunchly pro-Israel.  Nature Cons is not a site which I frequent or subscribe to.  In general it is very rare that I link to anything from a website which I am not familiar with, but I shall be more careful to vet before posting next time, and include the appropriate disclaimers and warnings, so as to avoid confusion.

My appreciation goes out to J-L for bringing this to my attention.  Though I am not a journalist, I do strive to maintain a standard that is pleasing to the Lord and promotes truth.  I apologize for any offense this may have caused to readers.





3 thoughts on “Clarification on a previous post

  1. Not to worry, Sandee. I am sure your readers certainly understand that with the volume of info. that we connect to it´s bound to happen. If anybody reads your posts, they will know that it´s just an oversight. You are doing a great job keeping us to date on a lot of current subjects and considering the amount of work that you have taking care of yourself and your family, the angels didn´t bat an eye lash, I am sure. LOL.

    Your apologies show your heart. as we say from time to time, any thing we read is supposed to be scrutinized and discerned. Besides, it´s a good exercise and test to see if our skills are sharp or if we are asleep at the wheel. Myself I didn´t mind and did a little more research; it comes with the territory, being a teacher! Sometimes, the lies are so good and so convincing it´s hard to distinguish…that´s why we are a body helping each other.


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