Population Control, the “Great Culling”, Eugenics

Usually when a president wins a second term, his second inauguration is a little anticlimactic.  Granted fewer people showed up for Obama’s second inauguration, but have you noticed that his devotees seem more enamored of him than ever?  That there seems to be a renewed expectancy of eager anticipation which surpasses that of ’08 on the part of his remaining supporters, and a correspondingly  increased  dread for the rest of us?  The stakes are higher this go-round aren’t they?

I mean, we know that there is an elitest mindset in our leaders, not just here but around the world in the most developed countries.  As we hurtle along at warp-speed toward the culmination of history, we begin to see in hindsight that, sure enough, there has been a plan in place on the part of the governing elites, that stretches further back than we ever dared to imagine.  So where are we now on the timeline of these global elitists goals?

Consider this story from EsplosiveReports.com: Population Control Advocacy Group: Humans Equal Locusts. The Eugenicists are coming out of the closet!  They’re tired of tip-toeing around .  For many years their intentions had to be kept hush-hush, spoken of only behind closed doors, but now that morality has “evolved” (more like devolved) to the point where few people bat an eye at the act of playing God, well, there’s no longer the need to be delicate about it.  The presentation written about in the (above-linked)Explosive Reports article took place at the Triple Helix Society at Cambridge University.  The term “triple helix” itself refers to mankinds (i. e. “science’s”) intent to bring about the final and ultimate “evolutionary step” of achieving immortality and demigodhood by adding a third strand to the human DNA helix.  They expect to do this by reprogramming the human genome, which of course will involve computers.  So, even though the “chip” in Obamacare is ostensibly about safety and ease of access to medical history, and even though we know it will also serve for tracking purposes,  could it be that the underlying and ultimate goal for introducing the technology has something to do with selecting those who are deemed worthy of the next evolutionary phase, and doing away with the rest through these population control methods?  After all, it is our DNA markers that determine who we are, and thus it stands to reason that the “Mark of the Beast” will entail an irreversible alteration to a persons very DNA.  Maybe “the chip”isn’t the mark at all, but merely the outward sign of the mark.  To alter one’s DNA is to change the essense of that person altogether.  Once man ate of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil, it was imperative that man not also eat of the tree of life.  Why do you think that was? Would this alteration in DNA effectively achieve a similar outcome?

Remember a couple of years back when the U.S. census was suddenly extremely invasive in the questions asked?  Remember reading about city school officials going door to door bullying parents of unvaccinated school children and threatening legal action if they did not allow them to vaccinate them right then and there?  They called these teams a “Community Preventive Services Task Force” and this was all authorized by Congress!

What do “they” (the elite) have planned?

The Great Culling

My family and I do not get flu shots.  Why do you think they push them so hard every year?

Bill Gates is all for this plan of culling the population through vaccines.

Most of this is not new information for my readers, but doesn’t this stuff take on a new degree of concern in light of the re-election of Barack Obama for his second term, wherein he will answer to no one?  These are his ideals.  He has not hidden that fact.

Obamacare measures will start kicking in in the next few months.  Just like pyrogenic charges, placed with precision by a demolition team, Obamacare, Gun Control, gutting the military, a slew of executive orders, everything for the implosion of this nation is in place.  It has been allowed by God in judgment of this nation.  With our petrodollars we have held the world’s economy in our hands.  An implosion here, will set off a tsunami of global proportions.  The Eagle must fall, that the Phoenix may rise, and God stands poised to call out the restainer, which is the only thing standing between this world, and certain destruction.   It will not end in the way which these elites are hoping.




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