America has taken an ominous turn.

That is the only word I can think of to describe this moment.  There is speculation that the Christopher Dorner manifesto and subsequent man-hunt is yet another false flag to cast suspicion upon former military and “rogue police” that will later be used to justify indiscriminate killing on the part of the government.  Fits nicely with the “legal, ethical and wise” new policy by executive order, of killing American citizens by drone strike, with no explanation or justification owed.  Sort of a “because I’m the daddy and I said so”, as per Chris Rock’s statement about Obama.  Already, in the manhunt 2 innocent civilians were shot, and shots were fired at other vehicles that were similar to that of the fugitive.

On the Today Show, Al Roker, that loveable weatherman, decided to “shake things up” for what the network somehow must have thought would have “shock value” by kissing another male anchor on the lips.  It is all a big joke now, the depravity.

DHS stocked up more ammo.  There is no doubt that the government is expecting to have to subdue Americans by force.  All that needs to happen is a big enough, wide-spread enough crisis to “justify” the martial law crackdown.

Listen to his former KGB agent who defected and see if anything he says resonates with what we have seen under Barack Obama.

30 Year CIA Vet Talks False Flags and Brookings

Palestinians pushing peace?

Netanyahu campaigning for peace:

Wall street insiders expecting something big?

Unprecedented volcanic activity in the ring of fire

Nuclear Iran?

Well, I don’t know about you folks, but I am more homesick for heaven than ever before.  Surely it won’t be long now.