A personal note and a few headlines

Here are a few additional headlines on important developments.  My regular readers are probably used to the ebb and flow here on this blog, but a little background “fill-in” for others, I am a former RN, early retired due to medical conditions which entail chronic pain and fatigue.  This makes consistency difficult, so I hope you will be patient with the sporadic nature of postings, the frequency of which can vary a great deal from day to day, and month-to-month.  My husband was diagnosed with Cancer in December, and is receiving chemo every 2 weeks by 72 hour continuous infusion.  As the various circumstances of the past several months, I have had less time for writing my original (from scratch) type posts, but as always, I remind folks to enjoy per-using the archives as well as the menu above the blog-stream to view original poetry and other writings.  Hubby weathered the first round of chemo infusion well on Wednesday through Friday, only to be hit pretty hard with a gripey stomach, headache and general achey fatigue all Saturday and Sunday.  He did feel well enough to go to work this morning, though, so praise the Lord for that!  We appreciate your fellowship, prayers and encouragement that we have received and continue to receive as ServeHimInTheWaiting approaches it’s 1-year “Birthday” in just a few weeks.

I have been asked a couple of times for an address to which readers might send a note or card of encouragement to Garrett (hubby) and myself.   It has been such a blessing just watching my husband be the center of attention during his hospitalization and treatment.  This is a man who is sweet and quiet and unassuming, so he tends to fade into the background, (the last of a dying breed of men who keep their nose to the grindstone, study to live a quiet and upright life, love the Lord and provide for his family).  You can always reach me through the contact tab above the blog stream, but for those (like myself-a lifelong letter-writer) who retain an old-fashioned appreciation for the joy of finding something other than bills and junk mail in your mailbox, well I just know that those personal notes or cards would really bless him.  We’d love to hear from you!  You can address correspondence in care of our church at this address:  Garrett and/or Sandra Lloyd care of Broadway Baptist Church, 301 N. 15th Avenue, Hopewell, VA 23860.

God bless you all!

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