Russia in the spotlight all of a sudden!

Remember my post waaaaay back on Monday of this week about Nanotechnology and its role in the coming warp-speed increase in knowledge and technology?  Well, looky here:

You see this guy?  Anatoly Chubais His name is Anatoly Chubais

He is the head of a Nanotechnology firm in Russia, (called Russnano-Russ as in Russian, Nano as in….well, you get the picture) anyhoo, he will be in Chantilly, VA, USA this spring to attend the Bildeberger meeting.  Chubais is a member of a group there in Russia that 1) Opposes Putin, and 2) is in alliegence with one George Soros (et al) with aspirations to bring Russia into dependance upon the same “super-bankers” who control most of the rest of the world.  This article on Political Vel Craft will tell you all about him and also notes that present circumstances in Syria will be on the Bildeberg agenda.

As cookies go, I may be a few chocolate chips short of a tollhouse, but it would almost seem as if the global elites are looking to tie up just a few more loose ends and bring this thing to a head here pretty soon.  The dominoes have all been carefully placed.  It’s just a matter of time, and the next “big date” on the radar looks to be “March 20-21-ish”. (In terms  of the spirits of darkness, what better time than the Spring Equinox? When light overtakes darkness, a time of dawning and beginnings.)

I tend to think and write with word pictures.  We can look back and see several events over the past several years where prophecy events “shifted up” into higher gear.  Israel becoming a nation again was just the beginning of this ride which was like a fairly leisurely Sunday drive for a little while, well, other than, the sixties, Viet Nam, the Cold War…..!   9/11 seemed to mark a global shift into an accelerated “gear” in terms of significant events, because it changed things not only in America but over a large part of the world.  The election of Obama was another shift.  (Again, happened here, effected the world).  The Arab Spring was yet another, and subsequently the uprisings in Africa, Mali, and the Asian nation states.  I think there is a general consensus among those  who are dedicated to watching prophecy unfold, that these shifts mark the “labor pains” we were warned of in I Thessalonians 5:3. The GHW Bush years and the Clinton years, were pretty prosperous and peaceful.  Then under GW Bush came sudden destruction of 9/11 which rippled out into the “War on Terror” (labor pains) which led up to the Arab Spring (more powerful labor pains) and so on and so forth.  As soon as Obama was in office we started hearing the global “weird Earth Sounds”, saw a huge spike in UFO sightings and unexplained astronomical phenomenon such as the “bright light over the Dome of the Rock on New Years 2012, the bizarre animal deaths, the spirals in the sky, strange weather events, the sinkholes and massive Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

I think that the next major shift could happen any time.  The longer Damascus holds on, the longer the world Economy remains “miraculously sustained in suspended animation” (by slight of hand), and the closer we get to getting Israel back to the “Peace Initiative” negotiating table, the more likely it seems that the next “shift” will entail a number of these expected developments coming to a head nearly in tandem or at least in rapid succession, bringing us oh-so-much closer to realization of the intended “New World Order”.  With a Russian Military Chief predicting resource wars, the opportunistic scavengers surrounding Israel will soon have their motive to “take a spoil”.  Though satan and mankind have their aspirations, it is really God alone who holds it all in check, and only by His permission will it move forward.  The removal of the Holy Spirit Restrainer embodied in the Church, could literally happen before your next breath.

Are you saved?

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  1. AMEN! I’m ready, just pray that all the sinners out there realize the prophecy being fullfilled and it could be with our next breath that our Lord and Savior will come and take his church out of this evil and devastated world we are living in.


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