What obstacle stands in the way of Iran (Russia’s ally) destroying the “little Satan” Israel?

the great satan

From Russia With Love -Paul McGuire

Remember this ad from FEMA http://www.Ready.gov?

The “powers that be” are not only following Satan, but knowingly doing so.  They know that Satan plans a showdown with god and in their mutual rebellion and hatred of Him they are lining up behind Satan and very intentionally throwing in their lot with him.  They’ve chosen him as their god because thy have seen his power, and they believe he is a god who doesn’t require they give up anything in order to follow him. They know this confrontation is in the works, and they know they are leading mankind toward the most blatant rebellion ever to take place in human history.

Have you ever seen a kid strike out in rebellion toward an authority figure in their life?  Have you seen them instigate a fight they cannot win simply because of willful pride?  This is all Satan is doing.  He has rallied millions of others, both angelic and human, in his jealousy of God’s power.  A massive line has been drawn.  For most of history it was invisible.  But no more.  Clear battle lines are forming, and you will fall on one side, or you will fall on the other.  Unless you choose God, you will by default remain on the other side of that line.   If you do not purposefully choose to yield to God, you will be swept into this rebellion by default.  The time and opportunity for choosing is nearly over. Wherever you stand when the clock stops, will be your eternal position.

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High”


What’ll it be? God’s side, or Satan’s?

Have you been saved?