Bits of news and interesting views, bracketed by more delving into the significance of numbers and movie premiers.

I don’t have a curvy couch, and I don’t aspire to emulate Fox News anyway, but I do try to come up with ways to make absorbing the news a little less tedious and more like sitting on the front porch on a sunny day, catching up on the goings-on in the neighborhood, only our neighborhood is global.  So, with that, I continue with my 101 ways to bring you the news, lol………

It used to be, that when a new movie was about to be released, we would see the trailer played in the theater previews and commercials, along with a banner that proclaimed “coming soon”.  My husband pointed out this morning how that as of late, the release dates are routinely specified, and I find that significant, due to the occult meanings of certain numbers and how those numbers are used in the occult to invoke spirits or spiritual power or “blessings”.

You may recall reading my post a this week on the upcoming movie ” Olympus Has Fallen”. (Read HERE)  This really is a trend that bears watching, as it has often turned out to be the case, that hints of things which did take place, were subtly placed within the imagery and titles of Hollywood movies which preceded the actual event.

This morning I ran across this post at the Blogspot blog News Doors:

I accessed the article at the cited source, to find that it comes from the very dubious website of Sorcha Faal, entitled .  According to Wiki,
Sorcha Faal claims to be a female Russian Scientist but might actually be an American man named David Booth, who has an apparent reputation for internet hoaxes.
In this case, a military plot to do away with Obama might just be a matter of wishful thinking on the part of David Booth.  All I can say is, were this to actually play out, that would mean Crazy Uncle Joe becomes our president.  I shudder to think about it.
It’s not that I think such a possibility on behalf of our military is unthinkable. On the contrary, why do you think Obama is so keen on disarming and vilifying military veterans?  Their hatred and resentment of him is about as obvious as is his for them.
God help this nation.   Obama is a dangerous man because he is blind and deluded and has been handed everything on a platter from his degrees, to his autobiographies, to the extreme power and authority of the position of U. S. President, and has not yet suffered any consequences. This defies spiritual law, which tells me that supernatural forces are at play.  Not just evil ones, but God Himself, the arbiter of justice, has allowed him latitude to do these things.
I would rather see Pastor Manning rise up like David against Goliath and face Obama like a man of God, to take him down in the name of our God with a slingshot and a stone.
In other news today, WND is asking “Is Hugo Chavez Already Dead?”
(Apparently this “already dead” business is going around!)
And how about those Iran Talks, eh?  Apparently the United States does negotiate with terrorists, and very generously, I might add.
The “ObamaCare Survival Guide” By journalistt Nick Tate
You probably shouldn’t bother.  This book is written by a journalist.  A bigwig at NewsMax (which, not surprisingly, gave it a glowing endorsement).  In other words, written by someone who knows spin and knows publishers that are familiar with his writing and who are willing to publish based on his name; a book you can cobble together quickly and be guaranteed people will buy out of desperation.  The reviews aren’t very flattering from GoodReads or Amazon. The most common refrain is the injection of author’s own opinions rather than fact, and that most of the content is repetitious.
Iran’s government is ELECTED? Yeah, (wink wink, nudge).  What a couple of maroons!
Ahmadinejad, having the dubious distinction of being former mayor of Tehran, wins the presidency with 64% of the vote, both in 05 and 09, said vote having been totally tallied within one hour of the closing of polls the first time around.  (And America was impressed with Obama’s meteoric rise!)
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And as if that weren’t enough, now this: 125,000 lethal doses of cyanide spilled in Japan
  What is UP with Texas lately? First Birkas, now this:
So now, lets talk about another movie:
Or, miniseries, “The Bible”.  First off, I see red flags in the fact it will be presented by the History Channel.  But secondly, look at this list of endorsements:
  • Rick Warren – Pastor, Saddleback
  • Joel Osteen – Pastor, Lakewood Church
  • Erwin McManus – Pastor, Mosaic
  • Jim Daly – Focus on the Family
  • Sam Rodriguez – National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • Paul Eshleman – Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Bobby Gruenewald – YouVersion Bible
  • Brad Lomenick – Catalyst
  • Leith Anderson – National Association of Evangelicals
  • Frank Wright – National Religious Broadcasters
  • Tom Peterson – Catholics Come Home
  • Geoff Tunnicliffe – World Evangelical Alliance
  • Gabe Lyons – Q
  • Luis Palau
  • George Wood – Assemblies of God
  • Craig Groeschel – Life Church
  • Denny Rydberg – Young Life
  • Andrew Benton – Pepperdine University
  • *Source for list*


I would like to point out the Premier date:
3.3.13.  Lets take a look at that number.  First of all, in the occult realm, 3 represents teh fusion of opposites into one, complete whole, resulting in complete knowledge.  Numerology has a rather graphic word-picture for it.  If one represents a force, and 2 represents an opening, then 3 represents the birth of enlightenment or wisdom.  Any multiple use or multiplication of a power-number simply represents degree, or ultimation of that power.  13 is the “divine number” of occultism and it, too represents illumination, in that 6 is the number of man, and is the number of perfection so the two added together, is the perfected or enlightened man.
So, I find it interesting that here is the Bible being taken “mainstream” on a date (remember these dates are chosen on purpose to invoke a “spiritual blessing” in the occult realm) that is so “sacred” to occultists.
In Bible numerics (the study of certain themes and topics coinciding with certain numbers having an established pattern in scripture) 3 also represents completion and divinity.  (Satan counterfeits everything God does).  God Himself is a trinity, three persons in one Godhead.  He dwells in the Third Heaven.  He established 3 Feasts in Deuteronomy (Weeks, Unlevened Bread a.k.a.. Passover,  and Tabernacles).  In resurrection we see it as Jesus raised Lazarus with 3 words; “Lazarus, come forth” and in baptism, the symbol of resurrection when we are baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and of course Jesus resurrected on the third day.
Now the number 13 in the Bible, is very interesting and gives a telling contrast to the satanic take on the number.  Considering where we are in history, I find it hard to dismiss these points about the meanings of numbers.  Thirteen in Scripture is always associated with rebellion and with drunkenness and depravity,  the beast, false prophet, false gods and Babylon the Great.  (Story of Sodom, Genesis 13:13, Jeremiah 13;13 drunkenness, King Saul’s foolishness I Sam. 13:13, Revelation 13 the beast rises up from the sea, thirteen words describe Satan’s fall in Isaiah 14:12-14 and there are thirteen evils that reside in the heart of man in Mark 7:21-23) (For your own study on these numbers in Scripture, download free E-Sword software, and do a search on “13:13” or in “3” to see if you find other incidences of recurrent themes associated with these numbers.  A great resource is The King James Code by Pastor Mike Hoggard and a fun blog to visit is The Divine Word for all you math-ie types out there.