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I was once at a wonderful encounter back in 2011 for a weekend. I was enjoying it thoroughly and really left there blessed. However, at one point in time, another speaker came up to talk about salvation and the words, “If you do not have the gift of tongues it means you are not saved!” I was horrified at such an inaccurate statement. I was even more horrified that her statement was followed by a few cheers! Far too many times I have witnessed fellow Christians completely disappointed and actually depressed that they do not have this gift, and it is unnecessary that they should feel this way. I have even heard the term “second class Christians” for those who do not have this gift! It shocks me the things that come out of our mouths!

The gift of tongues is a hotly debated topic – some believe…

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  1. Yeah, I have read and even posted some of Clouds stuff before, even on the subject. I actually did do some looking into the history and Azuza street and back further than that, and that was not good, what I read. But then, reported history is not always accurate. I thought the 1 Cor. 13:10 verse referred to prophecy. (Vs.9 ” now we know in part, we prophesy in part”). But I’ll read the e-book.


  2. … and we know who the author of confusion is!

    The ceasing of tongues would be “when that which is perfect would come” – the completed Word of God. (1 Cor. 13:10)

    It really is a wonderful work that David Cloud did – he thoroughly researches his subject matter (he also backs up what he say’s with scripture!). You should get a lot out of it.

    Have you done any research on the history and beginnings of the Charismatic’s? Church history is fascinating.


  3. In studying the context of tongues, this free book (downloadable) would prove useful. This book contains a thorough examination of the issue of tongues speaking and tongues interpretation. Eight biblical reasons are given for rejecting the Pentecostal doctrine of tongues: Biblical tongues were real earthly languages; they were a sign to Israel; they were not a sign to believers; they were spoken to God; they were accompanied by interpretation; they were bound by apostolic law; they were never learned; and they were not spoken by all believers. The book also examines the doctrine of a “private prayer language.


    • Thanks Kattar, for that because I am still not settled on the matter in my own understanding. I will look at that. I am still seeking the Lord on it. As I commented to the original post over at “kingintraining” blog, I have searched the scriptures about it and know that it is a phenomenon that is documented, and legitimate to the degree it took place then, but know from experience there is a version of it being practiced in the church today which is a very dangerous counterfeit and invites/engages with demonic spirits. Knowing that, caused me to be extremely leery of it. I also know the scripture indicates prophecies would some day fail, tongues would some day cease (I Cor. 13:8) but there is no specific place in scripture that records when these things did cease, so I am unsettled on the matter of whether there is a legitimate form of it today, other than the fact that God doesn’t change, and also taking into account that as we are now about to pivot from the church age, back to God’s focus on dealings with the Jews, I am also a little hesitant to dismiss all/every possible instance of it as illegitimate. I took a strong stand against it once on my blog, and frankly though I wasn’t ugly, I felt some conviction because I still can’t see it plainly in scripture. I know an awful lot of people who love the Lord, know the Word, and practice it, but that doesn’t mean it’s proper and harmless. Even though the truly saved can’t be posessed I would think that an activity that invokes and involves evil spirits posing as the Holy Spirit, would be detrimental in the walk and life of those Christians. Then again, I also can say that a lot of those people I know who practice it, also have depression and other stuff that they deal with, so I really would like to settle the matter in my own heart and mind.


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