What New Age and Charismatic have in common

Biblical Connection

The charismatic movement and the new age movement are very similar. I’m not the only one who has noticed. A former charismatic did as seen in the article at this link. Interestingly enough, a former Jesuit stated that the Jesuits were infiltrating many of the Protestant denominations and were the ones who started the charismatic movement.  Not only has he been proven absolutely and undoubtedly accurate in this statement as can be seen in the remainder of this article and its photos and links, but he has also been proven absolutely accurate, through many well-researched books and even from the mouths of the Vatican’s own top officials, on many other statements that he made almost three decades ago. Those, who attempted to discredit him back in that era, have since been discredited themselves. Today, it appears the Jesuits care not that people know their scheming machinations as they appear…

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