Random Celebration Time!

FlagsFlags 1 April 30 Flags 2 April 30 Flags 3 April 30 Flags 4 April 30 Flags 5 April 30 Flags 6 April 30 Flags 7 April 30 Flags 8 April 30

These are all my flags.  You’ll notice I corrected the Palestine one.


Best ever single day views: 1,069  of which 545 hits on “Gate to Hell” article alone.  Interesting!  That’s an awful lot of people wanting to know about the gate to hell.  Well, the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. (Matthew 7:13)

2339 posts

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212 WordPress-registered followers

31 E-mail followers

26 Facebook Page Followers at  https://www.facebook.com/shekinah.419

35 Followers via my personal Facebook page.  [Friends and Family :-)]

And I don’t know how many who follow by just searching the blog name, which I have often recommended for those who don’t wish to get numerous notifications.  I know there are several because when I look at “search terms” that land people on my blog, I can see several each day who search it by the name.

If you get posts via e-mail and you have it set so that you get all posts in a single daily or weekly e-mail, be sure and scroll down the e-mail if you want to be sure to see all of the articles for that day or week.  I generally post anywhere from four to 8 articles a day, though there are some days (like chemo days and days when I just have to step back from it) when I may only do a single post, while there are days I have posted as many as 20!  It’s interesting to find that there really are “heavy news days” as well as notable periods when I can tell people are a little burnt out on the intensity, and readership drops off for a day or two.  That usually coincides with times I am feeling a little overwhelmed by it all myself.

This is redundant for long-time readers of this blog, but for those who don’t know, if you enjoy the more personal posts I do from time to time, you can search in the Tag Cloud and/or in the Topic cloud, for “On a Personal Note”.

There is additional stuff under the footer as well, such as my Blogroll, which I probably need to update some.  When I rearranged the header menu and sidebar, I lost the ability to “infinity-scroll” with unending loading of posts, because of the fact I had to put some stuff in the footer area.  I love the “infinity scroll” myself because if I do discover a new blog I like, it lets me continue back through the blog-stream for more, without endless waiting for pages to load.  (Some of us don’t have the ultra high-speed internet.)

If you follow by e-mail or WordPress reader, and you’ve recently started following, you might want to go to my main page and check the header menu and the right sidebar menu for my original writings, including my mini-autobiograpy “Purple Morning Glories and Gold Lady Bugs”.

You can always contact me by clicking on Contact STLloyd in the right sidebar.  Anything you write on the “contact form” page will not be seen by readers, but goes directly into my private e-mail.

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I appreciate Re-blogs, comments, “likes” and “shares” (several means for sharing provided in buttons below each post).

I also occasionally contribute on Rapture-Ready.  For the most part, though, if I submit it there, I also post it on the blog.

God bless you all and thank you so much for reading.  Please share a link to Servehiminthewaiting with friends, fellow church members, co-workers, Facebook friends and family!  Praise the Lord for what He is doing here, much of which I’m sure I won’t even know about, this side of Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Random Celebration Time!

    • Yeah, I forget to do those celebrations. Being “Mrs. Random” they generally don’t make a whole lot of sense, as far as waiting for a nice even round number or anything, lol. But yeah, from time to time I look up and realize, wow! 🙂


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