Understanding the Times (Very informative broadcast!)

This is a very informative broadcast with Host Jan Markell, of Olive Tree Ministries

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Here is the blurb from her website:

Jan’s first guest is broadcaster John Loeffler. They talk about the Boston bombing and government out of control. And what does Joe Biden mean in his “new world order” statement? Then it’s back to covering more of the criminalization of Christianity. Now Christians are being called “monsters,” and “antichrists.” How far is this horrific hatred toward us going to go? Then Jill Martin Rische reports on the demise of Mormonism. Membership has dropped 70% although they are still baptizing deceased non-Mormons including her dad, Dr. Walter Martin. Jill reveals part of the reason for the nose-diving Mormon membership.

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2 thoughts on “Understanding the Times (Very informative broadcast!)

  1. Hi Sandee, thanks for your good news report on your family health.
    About the post on the demise of the Mormons that I posted in toto, here is a comment from I assume from a first time reader and my answer to his comment that I found a little strange with exaggerations, unsubstantiated claims throughout and a lack of verifiable statements as if they were the truth. What do you think? I rarely get a statement trying to debunk one of the articles I post. At least he was respectful, just a tad mocking!
    Have a wonderful day!

    Blogger Brian said…

    Ha ha ha!

    You fell for it!

    Grant Palmer’s expose, which you rely on heavily in this post, has ironically been exposed as full of factual errors, and frankly, appears just as made up as many others that have been written throughout the decades. One after another, they’re proven to be false.

    If you think the LDS church membership has fallen 70%, how is it the number of LDS congregations have grown and continue to grow?

    May 14, 2013 at 6:37 PM
    Blogger Jean-Louis said…

    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    There is no way for me to assess the validity of your statements about numbers of congregations continuing to grow or to prove the falsity of Grant Palmer expose.

    Out of the whole post, only 4 lines are devoted to Grant Palmer´s work.

    On the other hand the author cited several sources and sites from which these statistics and statements were collected.

    Also I have no reason to doubt some of the persons cited in this article because I have read some of their work and trust them as reliable sources of information.

    I didn´t know who Grant Palmer was until now. Doing a quick search, the first page has enough material to help me think of him as somebody who knows what he is talking about, just looking at his credentials and experiences in the LDS church.

    I don´t have the time nor the inclination to research the subject any deeper, but I know one thing, if they, as all false teachers and prophets grow in numbers, it is because they are exporting their false doctrines abroad especially in poor and third world countries where the illiterate or uneducated population (although not exclusively) is an easy and gullible prey to their lies and are not able to counter them with the truth of the Word of God that they so desperately need, as you yourself do, if you do not believe that Jesus-Christ is the only way to be reconciled with God the Father.

    Please, substantiate your statements with proofs from valid sources and links that can be checked out.

    I pray that today you will consider who Jesus-christ is and what He did for you by dying on the cross for your sins out of the love He has for you. It is really a matter of eternal life and death.

    The time is approaching quickly when the judgement of God is going to fall on the whole world for mankind´s rebellion against a good and loving but holy and just God who has provided the solution for man´s inveterate evil inclination.
    It´s up to you to choose.

    God bless you.


    • Very interesting. I’m guessing he won’t take you up on the challenge to substantiate. There are rare/occasional folks who land on this blog and not really being familiar with what it is all about, will challenge something that is false, when the items dubious nature was the reason I posted it in the first place. Like you, I don’t care to persuade or dissuade people who disagree. I put it out there and sort of like the parables, to some truth is hidden, to others it’s there to see. Genuine truth-seekers will do their due diligence themselves. Sometimes folks just want to spar. Everything goes in moderation so those I discern are laying bait for the sake of harassment, go straight to the “circular file” without seeing the light of day. They have been very rare, though. I think 3 in all 14 months.


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