Highlighting a recent discovery~ A Mom Looking Up ~ on WordPress

Do you guys know about this blog?  Here’s a screenshot of Marcia’s “about” page.


And here is a link to her blog                  http://amomlookingup.wordpress.com/

You’re going to want to follow Marcia’s blog.  I do believe I have found a kindred spirit.  Another mom like me who loves the Word, loves the Lord, loves Prophecy, and looks forward to our blessed hope every day “in real time”.  I discovered this blog a while back, and have re-blogged a few of her posts since then, but I wanted to highlight her blog as yet another source where you guys can find the same sort of significant, prophecy-related info and news as you find here.  As I stated on my Memorial Day post, I am seeking the Lord in regards to my blog at this time.  As my husband finishes out his last couple of months of chemo, and the cumulative effects of that,  I also will be helping my dear friend and neighbor in her move to her son’s home, and spending some time out of state helping my Mom sort out some things at her house after my Dad’s home-going in November.  We have been invited to visit some friends in the Florida Keys in August, which I’m praying the Lord will make possible,  and I’m planning for a “Cousin’s Reunion” in August as well.   This is my oldest son’s last summer at home, so as you can see, there are lots of important things vying for time and attention.   I love bringing you guys the news, and sharing what the Lord is doing in our lives, and as the Lord leads me in these other demands, I am praying about whether (and to what degree) the blog will still be part of the agenda.

You guys stay informed and keep looking up!  It’s not your imagination, things are speeding up but the interesting thing I have noticed this week is that even as the harassment and persecution and discrimination against Christians is rising, there have been some encouraging instances of Christians standing up and and refusing to back down.  I read one story of a kid standing up for the Pledge of Allegiance in his school, a court case where a home school family won against a school district,  thousands protesting gay marriage in France, a billboard campaign to post the Ten Commandments on prominent major highway thoroughfares in the U.S, and even the Congressional call for the U.S. to officially back Israel against all that is happening there in the Middle East, as well as some real investigative skill and bringing into the light of day, these scandals related to the Obama administration.  It’s not a turning of the tide by any stretch of the imagination, but it does demonstrate that the true church has been praying, and God is hearing, and it seems to me a new ‘strength’ is being infused into God’s remnant.  Is it just me, or do you sense it too?  I have never felt more peaceful, frankly.  Even in the midst of so much that is up in the air and in turmoil.   Let’s continue to remember one another in prayer!