What’s the big deal?

It’s been a good week in our little corner of the world.  It has been pleasant to savor the relative peace that has resulted from corralling my exposure to all the goings-on in the world into a more limited aspect of my days.  I highly recommend it! A wide-angle view is much less exhausting.   Doing so has made it pretty easy to surmise what, among the daily inundation of news, is most significant.  As our family eagerly anticipates the visit to the orthopedic surgeon for the removal of Isaac’s cast, as well as the start of Summer Break from school, these are the News items that stand out to me this morning:

“Gay Marriage” has become law in the U.K!”, Growing Threat of War between China and India, Caught on camera: Egyptian politicians talk covert Ethiopia attack (over water rights and diverting of the Nile), North Korea nears restart of Plutonium Reactor, Church of Scotland Shreds Bible, Canonizes Scripture, The Currency War Has Officially Begun and Now Everyone is Printing money, Mind Controlled Helicopter Takes Flight, and Domino’s Pizza may soon deliver via drone!  Looks like that utter explosion in knowledge and advanced technology that I have said is “yet pending” is getting underway!

Patriot Missiles, F16’s and U.S. Forces have been deployed to Jordan to amass along the Syrian Border and Defense Secretary Kerry is saying that the Next Few Days will Determine Middle East Peace for Decades So do not be surprised if the natural disasters continue to escalate here in the U.S!

Most disturbing quote:

In a TV interview Karl Lagerfeld said that, much to his disappointment, there is ‘no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals’.

Daily Mail Online

And today’s “Silver Lining”:

Valedictorian Rips Up Approved Graduation Speech and Recites the Lord’s Prayer to delight of crowd!

Time is short, pray for souls to be saved!