The Guest Blogger Who Came in from the Cold

Lo, those many months ago Sandee warned…I mean informed you that there would be a guest blogger sometimes. In this case, sometimes meaning two..ok, three months later. My apologies. She has graciously made the format available and I have thus far failed to take her up on it. But no longer.
To be perfectly honest, which is usually what I am and which gets me into copious amounts of trouble, I was a little intimidated…maybe a lot intimidated. And busy.  But mostly intimidated. Sandee is a hard act to follow, and always has been. Also, our styles are so different, I feared the disappointment of you, her readers. But she assures me that I should just get over it and jump in the deep end. So here I am. Jumping.
I think it important to explain upfront that Sandee and I have known each other for over twenty years, in real life, as opposed to online…or dog years. And clearly it’s by God’s grace that she’s tolerated me this long. Hopefully His Grace will extend to all of you.
My usual topics will probably swirl in and around school policies, curriculum and the like. This is where I am in life with two elementary age sons. And I have some stories to tell just from this year alone. I probably won’t start in earnest until next week, when the little cherubs go back to the institution…er, school. Until then.


One thought on “The Guest Blogger Who Came in from the Cold

  1. Welcome! Yes, SEM (a.k.a. Sheniqua, or Shanaynae) is a long-time friend who has been with me through thick and thin. And I’m not just talking about my waist size! We could do a great Siskell and Ebert, or Hannity and Colmbes, or Abbott and Costello for that matter. And, she is too humble! I know you’re going to enjoy her contributions to the blog. This won’t be the first time you’ve heard of this gal, if you’ve read my blogged autobio. She’s the beautiful girl with the long blonde tresses holding the pink flamingo by the tail in the extended gallery of photos in chapter 12, I think it is!


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