Obama Immigration Reform and Mark of the Beast

Real ID has already been implemented in India.  It is a massive undertaking to enroll every single citizen/or non-citizen resident of a nation into a comprehensive database that captures and stores personally-identifying biometric data and assigns each person a unique identifying number.

This process has already begun in the U.S. as well, (The Real ID act was passed in 2005, per recommendations of the 9/11 commission) with DMV identifications being assigned new universal standards, and deadlines for implementation of same. See this article from the Homeland Security Today online publication, as well as this official PDF document from dhs.gov, which details the specific purposes and usage of this system once it is in place.  Be sure and note the disclaimer in the second-to-last paragraph as to the limitations and exclusions (for now).  Like any government program, these definitions and stipulations can and usually are very easily waived, altered, expanded or eliminated at a later date.  It is easy to see how this database could very easily be used to restrict all buying and selling further down the road.

NOTE: Deadline for implementation of the Real ID agenda in America: April to May of 2014.  In case you haven’t noticed, this date/time frame is popping up quite regularly in the various developments prophecy watchers are monitoring.  As always we must avoid date-setting, however when so many indicators point to a convergence such as this, it is hardly possible (or wise) to ignore it, most significant being the blood moon tetrads and the current peace negotiations in the Middle East.

Watchman 73 (of By the Blood of the Lamb on WordPress) posted a detailed video on the topic, showing real public service videos made in the U.K. to educate the public there on the U.K. version of this development as well as segments showing the process as it has been implemented in India.  W73’s title, (click link at beginning of this paragraph to read) in my humble opinion, is not entirely accurate.  The Real ID deadlines are set, but as I stated above, this plan was launched in the U.S. in 2005.  I was aware the process was well underway in India in 2009.  The blood moon dates, however, may well mark the culmination of that particular phase, particularly in light of the fact that, as shared in very recent posts, this peace plan according to John Kerry will be a final status agreement, while Netanyahu claims it is merely preliminary and his intent is to extend the negotiations another 12 months.  We know this will be a covenant confirmed with many, and I somehow think that although BiBi will put it to a referendum with that intent, it is entirely possible that the people of Israel themselves will be the ones to say, “let’s make it final now!”.

All speculation on my part, for what it is worth.

I searched the bill language myself on this PDF copy of the bill.

Here are the four instances of the phrase: “photo tool” within the document, shown here in screen capture:

Obama immigration reform bill language indicating the biometric database

Not so incriminating on the surface, but then I searched the word “biometric” and found 24 instances, beginning on page 213, line 15:

search of the word biometric in Obama immigration bill

Read the entire bill yourself HERE!