Kenneth Copeland and Pope Francis lead way to Harlot Church~Worldview


Hear shocking audio clips that reveal just how fast things are moving toward the Harlot church of Revelation 17. Hear word of faith false teacher Kenneth Copeland introduce ecumenical leader Anthony Palmer who says Copeland mentored him. Then listen as Palmer describes how he was mentored by a Cardinal that became Pope Francis. Then hear the Pope’s recorded message to Kenneth Copeland and the so-called ministers that attended Copeland’s conference. The Pope calls for the protestant church and the Catholic Church to become one. Copeland agrees with the message of the Pope and records his own message back to the Pope in front of everyone. Then Copeland said that heaven is happy about this new proposed merger and that this was not possible 47 years ago. You have to hear this program and then send a link to your friends.  Click the audio file below to hear this broadcast.