Why the sudden focus on Aliens?

I get up each morning and when I begin to sift through my e-mails and make the rounds of my sources, I get a sense of what God is “highlighting” and bringing to my attention, and I just start writing and posting. I think that this series on the whole alien “mystique” if you will, which is being put out by Omegashock (and which By the Blood of the Lamb brought to my attention) is extremely important. I believe that spelling out for the general public, just what the strong delusion entails, will leave folks no excuse on judgment day, and as always we present the alternative, which is salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, His death for our sins, burial and resurrection, is presented alongside, because that is the entire reason all of us are doing what we do.

I am going to summarize just the first half of the video from Omegashock today, which is entitled “Are Aliens Demons? Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Alien Contact”. 

This is by no means a transcript.  It is in my words, and from my own notes taken while watching the video.
For those of you who love the History Channel and maybe have not been to church since you were a kid, or haven’t ever gone, you are probably well aware of some of the alien abduction claims, and the alternative explanations of things such as the flood, the ascension of Christ, the parting of the Red sea, which abductees claim aliens have provided them. If you are a Christian who writes off the History Channel as irrelevant, you NEED to know that research and polls prove that these alternative “explanations” have become so mainstreamed that a majority of folks either embrace or at least are unwilling to dismiss, these alternative explanations, despite what the Bible says. So before you go out there and try and win someone over for Christ, it might be good to know a little about what you might encounter in their belief systems.

I want to point readers to a new link in my sidebar for a great resource for more answers as to where some of these false (and often seemingly bizarre) beliefs are coming from that have invaded society and even much of the church. The site is called ParadoxBrown LOTS of great info there, if you’d like some wise insight on the truth behind even the Nephilum stuff that Tom Horn and Chuck Missler and others are so big “into”.  As I stated over the weekend, I steer clear of those guys and anything of theirs I share, I try to remember to add a disclaimer.  On the one hand I do believe the mark of the beast will be an alteration of human DNA, but not via the means of fallen angels having relations with human women.  I actually believe the whole Nephilum question serves as a huge distraction from the Gospel which is what any ministry ought really to be about.  I am very sure that “aliens” are demons and that they are the explanation for UFO’s and the many abduction stories.  Fallen angels are capable of creating experiences through delusion, which cause people to believe they have had certain experiences, so that they can and will assertively state what they saw, heard and experienced in a very convincing and believable manner, but their minds have been and continue to be manipulated.  Still, they will have the power convince others that what they say is true.  Is that not evangelism.  To make disciples who in turn go out and convince others?

The video on Omegashock today is pretty long.  The speaker is Guy Malone who states he has been a missionary in Roswell for eleven years, and he is speaking during the U.F.O. festival there on the topic of the spiritual aspect of “alien” encounters.  The Heaven’s Gate cult stemmed from a couple of men who claimed had been approached by aliens, and the men were so convinced by the things the “aliens” told them, that they started preaching it and recruiting others, and as you know, this was another mass suicide similar to the Jim Jones case.

The speaker tells of a Larry King poll that showed 86% of Americans now believe there is extraterrestrial life “out there”.  The highest percentage of “believers” is among the 18-24 year old age group, and solid statistics show that 2 to 3% of Americans claim an abduction experience!

Carl Sagan believed that the theory that aliens are actually demons was one among many “plausible” explanation. Sagan did not embrace evolution.  Many scientists who don’t embrace creation also do not believe in evolution.

Common to all “alien” contactee claims, is the known fact that there is always a psychic element to the interaction.  UFOlogists play this down for the sake of keeping clear of the occult flavor of psychic phenomenon.  These encounters also seem to often be accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation.

For most Christians, that “aliens” are demonic phenomena, is pretty much a “given”, or had been until more recent apostasy.  Common to most reports of those who claim encounters:

  • Aliens bring a religious message
  • An abduction experiences can be (and have been) terminated by the name and authority of Jesus Christ
  • Powers said to have been exhibited by aliens are markedly similar to those of angels
  • These beings often give abductees “vision” experiences
  • The descriptions of all abductees of their experience, can be explained by Biblically known abilities and deceptive agenda of fallen angels
  • Too many people who make these claims, have proven otherwise credible, and they clearly believe what they claim did happen, thus they are not lying, but utterly convinced (deluded).

Satan’s ability to deceive unbelievers is well documented in scripture.

Their Message:

(Things in common among alleged abductees)

  • Capture
  • Examination
  • Conference/lecture/schooling session
  • Tour/other-worldly journey
  • Theophany or religious experience of a divine, blatantly spiritual nature
  • Return
  • Aftermath (mental torture, anxiety, feeling of being controlled)
  • Some contactees “programmed” for a specific role in the future plan
  • Contactees develop new self-awareness as well as concern for welfare of planet and sense of cosmic citizenship (They are ordinary folk, “chosen” for the encounter and there is a profound effect on their worldview)
  • This personal “transformation” serves as a precursor for the “intended” social transformation that must take place, which will find its way into economics, education, military, political and religious institutions, in anticipation of a NEW AGE of science and spirituality.

(Think about incidences of “guided imagery” being taught to little kids in elementary schools that we have heard in alternative media, and the emphasis under Common Core, to “feelings” over facts, and the attempt to shape morals rather than teach kids how to learn.

What does Revelation tell us that will have to happen for that final “iron mixed with clay” system to be formed and then hand power over to the Antichrist!  There has to be a merging of politics, religion, and money into a new global “One World Order”)

One abductee describes her experience wherein she as being examined by the alien abductor, and he is taking tissue samples.  She asks why this is necessary and he says “you agreed to this a long time ago, before you were born, we had this conversation before”.  So you can see the entity is telling her she existed before she was born (reincarnation).  Hebrews 9:27 It is appointed unto man once to die, and then the judgment.  This “alien” is teaching his abductee something specifically calculated to contradict scripture.  That is telling!

Channeling is another mode of operation common in these experiences. An invitation to become “one with your creator” and fighting a common enemy.  This is pantheism. All is ONE.  The “aliens” often portray themselves as intermediaries between “mere mortals” in their mere mortal stage, and the “gods”, their forebears who have already reached the “enlightenment”.

Some of these beings claim they and their kind, created humans and seeded them here, and that humans long ago altered their own DNA to help “evolution” along.

Other claims reported by abductees:

The star of Bethlehem was a U.F.O.

God used a laser to write the ten commandments on the stones

Aliens parted the red sea,

Enoch was “beamed up”.

These things would be comical if we did not realize that these statements are very specifically calculated as a complete distortion of the very Words of God.

Someone who doesn’t know the Bible at all, would hear these stories maybe from some alien encounter, and thusly completely twisted and distorted, and then go to church for the first time and what will he conclude about the story of Enoch then?  That what he heard first is true, and that the BIBLE is a distortion. Clever, that old devil!

These aliens apparently don’t tell contactees that the Bible is all fairy tales, but merely that it’s not a hundred percent accurate.  They even say that a certain percentage of the “real Bible” was done away with because it talked about reincarnation, and the church doesn’t like that because it takes away some of the churches power, so they took that out.

They teach that Jesus was one among many “great masters” such as Buddha and Krishna.

They tell abductees that Earth will be evacuated and that some of them have been chosen to remain behind for a while to help finish things, while others have been told that the aliens who seeded the race will cull the population and remove those who are holding mankind back from further evolution.  (Convenient stories to serve satanic purposes and explain the rapture?)

They say Christ is not a single person, rather a “Christ Consciousness” that can be in all of us, and that whenever a planet is in trouble (like Earth is today), a spiritual person is born on that planet to help.  It is the same person again and again, only he has a different mother each time, so he’s not totally the same.  The Bible says in Hebrews 10:10 that Jesus died once, for all. In Hebrews 13:8 it says He doesn’t change.

What is particularly disturbing is that these days, many mainstreamers with zero claim of experience of alien contact, now seem to view the Bible just as these abductees claim their “alien abductors” told them.  Many believe Elijah’s chariots of fire were UFO’s.  Between mass media, T.V., and even churches, there is a total re-interpretation of “truth”.

Interestingly enough, these alien abductions only happen to those who deny Christ is God in the flesh.

We know there will be (are) in these last days, deceiving spirits peddling doctrines of devils, because the Bible warned us of such. Cunningly devised fables.  The coming of the Lawless One will be with signs and lying wonders, such as we see in many Charismatic circles.

God promised to send a strong delusion to those who love not the truth!

These abduction accounts really only started to become a global phenomenon around 1947 with the Roswell incident and when Israel was back in the land as a nation.

These abduction experiences always appear to have an extremely profound effect upon those who claim to have had them.  They say things like “everything I ever believed just went right out the window”.

Indeed, some UFO/Alien researchers have written about this aspect.  Ron Rhodes, author of “Alien Obsession”

An examination of the evidence indicates….a primary agenda….is to change what human beings think about God”.

David Lewis and Robert Shreckhise, authors of “UFO: End Time Delusion” (Introduction)

If the alleged messages that the contactees are receiving are true, then the Bible is not true”.

So the question is, are these “entities” authentic extraterrestrial beings or not?

1 Tim. 3:16-17.  All scripture is profitable for doctrine.  2 Corinthians 2:5 Cast down vain imaginations that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God.  Romans 1:21 tells us it is possible for men to become vain in their imaginations, and have their foolish hearts darkened.

Ps. 3:5-6 Lean not on your own understanding. Romans 12:2 Be not conformed to this world, be transformed by the renewing of your minds that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

The Bible tells us Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again, and Paul says this is the principle of first importance. What are all those stars and planets for? Is it a big waste if there is no more intelligent life out there somewhere?

Genesis 1:14-18 tells us the lights in the firmament were for dividing the day from night, and for signs and seasons and to give light upon the earth.

The only planet which the Bible says God created for the purpose of being inhabited, is Earth. (Isaiah 45:18).

=====================================End summary of first hour of video

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  1. Thanks for that awesome & helpful summary of this present-day fascination. Alien encounters serve to deflect attention from the true God and the Holy Bible, and is a form of idolatry. It replaces God and create other gods to worship. It greatly detracts from the atonement work of Jesus Christ who died for our sins so that only by believing in Him, we would not perish but have everlasting life Jn3:16.

    Your summary on alien encounters is a great help to me and many others in understanding matters. The apostle Paul warned ‘Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils’ 1Ti1:4. These aliens are actually seducing spirits and what they present are doctrines of devils. They seduce many people to the losing of their souls in eternal damnation.

    ~Drgold http://drgoldsite.wordpress.com


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