Poetry, like music, bypasses all those busy nit-picking mental circuits and expresses the spirit and heart. In this time of growing peril, as we wait sometimes impatiently for our blessed hope, this poem captures the yearning sigh of the my own heart as I pause to contemplate that glorious future day when the Lord’s will is indeed done on Earth as it is in Heaven!




Words of encouragement at ready hand

Closer than our own breath,

Breath of the Lord on our hearts and minds,

Living waters flow back and forth

Well up from the depth of being

Soothing waters wash the soul

True life overflows from once dead chambers,

New places in the heart and life

Once dry and withered, ruined

Barren world, lifeless desert earth

With nothing to offer a young boy

Nothing to offer a beautiful young girl

No hope to transcend the natural reality

No encouragement to carry through life as it is known;

Difficult days of every child in growing awareness,

Each person in growth and transition who walk this earth!

Despair screams out for hope

Then intellectual despair torments;

Anger floods over the large cities,

Violence churns back and forth

So many hearts that ache

So much hunger and thirst

With little left to satisfy

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