When He Came, When He Comes

The world headlines are full of distressing news, but as Christians, we know the Messiah does and will prevail. This article by Jeanette Haley blessed me, and I am sure it will bless you as well.  Click on the title to visit her ministry website with Rayola Kelly, Gentle Shepherd Ministries –S.T. Lloyd

When He Came, When He Comes

   written by Jeannette Haley

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“For he shall stand at the right hand
of the poor, to save him from those that
condemn his soul” – Psalm 109:31

       How should a king come? The kings (and presidents) of the earth, who make their entrance with much “pomp and circumstance,” would say that it should be as grand and glorious as possible. Through the centuries, the appearance of kings has always been an extravagant affair. All except for one King, that is. Slipping silently into this dark world one lonely night, his birth was unannounced to the Roman Empire, or even king Herod. Instead, heavenly angels brought news of His coming to humble shepherds keeping watch over their sheep.

       Thus, even though heavenly messengers appeared announcing His birth, their visitation came to the common person—people who were ordinary, unknown, unrecognized, and unnamed in the scheme of things. However, these were the very people whom God had chosen from before the foundations of the world to bring the message of “tidings of great joy.”

       Even two years after His birth, His whereabouts were unknown to the leaders of Israel when kings from the east inquired about Him in Jerusalem. Again, it was a private occasion. After the wise kings bowed before the King of kings, they quietly vanished into the desert sands, and out of the pages of history.

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    • Yeah, I shared that article when it came out last week. It doesn’t surprise me that the Vatican is laying the groundwork for disbelief in the return of Christ.


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