Caught on Camera: Teacher yanks student, grabs him by face

I know there are a lot of good teachers, but there are also people in the school system who have no business working with kids. I don’t care what this teacher’s excuses are, this is criminal and I hope that Sheriff will take up the criminal charges against her. This is physical assault. Period. Caught on camera, and undeniable. I don’t think I could contain myself if this was done to my child.

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(CNN) – An Ohio teacher is caught on camera grabbing a student in an apparent fit of anger. The student’s parents are enraged.

Anthony and Autumn Nelson are still stunned by what happened to their 6-year-old son Ian last Wednesday. In a video they provided to us, the Riverdale School kindergartner is walking down the hallway to go to the bathroom.

The surveillance camera then shows his teacher, Barb Williams, confront him as he steps out of the bathroom. The teacher grabs Ian and pins him up against the wall, then grabs him by the face. It doesn’t end there. She picks him up by his shirt and his head flops back.

The boys father, Anthony Nelson, told CNN “we thought it was just a little incident that happened, and that’s what the school made it out to sound like. And then all of a sudden we…

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