Singapore’s Deputy Chair of The Monetary Authority tells banks to prepare for financial collapse!

Russia has stated it’s intent to collapse the dollar.  China has been buying up gold for several years.  Singapore’s economy is pretty robust and it’s banks are, from what I have read, some of the most stable and conservative.  If this guy is sounding the alarm, then we are really in trouble and something is imminent.  I really believe this will be that next big event.  I watched the movie Shadow Recruit last night.  Very interesting!  You should watch it.  It’s another one of those movies whose plotline is straight out of current events. The main character, a Marine injured in Afghanistan, is recruited by the CIA into a terror-prevention unit, as an analyst, tasked with the job of spotting financial transactions on Wall Street that might indicate terrorist activity.  His undercover role is not known, of course, by the brokerage firm who hires him.  The Russian Federation loses a key U.N. vote and the markets fail to react accordingly.  The recruit, Jack Ryan, discovers the disappearance of trillions of dollars from the market, all in funds managed by a specific Russian tycoon.  Ryan goes to Russia, in his job for the firm, travels to Russia for an audit, and in the process he uncovers a plot that would bring down the U.S. economy while also, as a simultaneous distraction to the financial event, detonating a bomb several stories under one of the firms on Wall Street in Manhattan. Of course in the movie….. well, I won’t spoil it for you.

Wow.  What was it Obama said not too long ago?  He is much more concerned about a bomb going off in New York/Manhattan than the threat posed by Russia(‘s actions in Ukraine).

I think we are headed there.  The next big thing.  I personally think the purposeful flooding of the U.S. with illegal immigrants is just a primer/precursor to help ensure the “system” is completely overloaded even before a massive paradigm-shifting event takes place.  When chaos reigns, that’s when we will see the U.N. trucks and tanks roll on American streets, and all that purchasing of MRE’s, ammunition, all the “militarizing” of local police, and those Executive Orders come in to play.  The question of what is happening to the economy will not even occur to anyone until after the lockdown, because there will not be any stores, malls, and other merchants open for business, nor will there be any normal logistical movements.  All roads, buses, planes, highways, everything will come to a standstill, and then be systematically re-activated under control of UN and other “forces” in place and already trained in “urban warfare” right here on our streets.

At least, that’s one possible scenario.  How soon might this sort of thing happen?  I think most of us who keep attuned to the alternative media, get the distinct impression it could happen just any day now.  As I have said many times before, from the Christian perspective, I think that when that “hits the fan” here, it is going to set in motion a set of events that will happen really quickly and right in the midst of it all, is when I think the Bride of Christ will be taken.  I base this on the fact that God, knowing the end from the beginning, and always remembering mercy, not wishing that any should perish, will leave us here to the very last instant possible, in order that all who would be saved, can and will be saved.  He knows who and when that last person is, and has no reason to act “early”.

Keeping my head lifted up these days. Whether it is sooner, or whether it is later, I know that the mere fact it has not happened yet, can only mean that it is closer than it was yesterday!  Amen?!  But if we see these things happen, we should not be concerned.  God is in control.  Always.  The more convincing indicator of the lateness of the hour in today’s news, is that the fighting from Syria is at Israel’s very doorstep.   A spreading fire is about to engulf the region.  The world could change entirely in a few short days or hours.  Are you ready?  Have your sins been forgiven? Are you saved?  Perilous days are coming.



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