On a Personal Note-August 2014

Over time, blogs gain and lose readers.  Sometimes a regular reader drifts away for a while, then comes back.  I used to feature articles on a semi-regular basis here, that were “on a personal note”.  After a while, the news stuff pretty much took over.   For newer readers who may have subscribed and only see my articles via their WordPress Reader or other reader, or on an article-by-article basis, via their own inbox, if you don’t know about the other content on my blog, I would just like to let you know that if you go onto the home page there are categories along the top that include my story (an autobiography of sorts) and other stuff.  Also, I have another blog that I started in the spring, which I have not developed the way I did this one, but is more of a personal journal of sorts I guess, for those like myself who are interested in that voyeuristic way, of wanting to peek inside another individual.  I don’t mean that in a creepy way.  I mean it in a “people person” way.  I have no interest, myself, in having seven hundred “Facebook Friends” which often are not really even acquaintances.  I am more interested in the inner workings, plumbing the depths of people.  The funny thing is, you gotta realize that there are people out there who are no deeper than the kiddie pool.  Now, your immediate reaction to that statement will reveal a lot.  I was genuinely  shocked to find this out.  My husband is the one who pointed it out to me.  Did you also know that men are literally capable of “not thinking about anything”.  They have a “neutral” mode for their brains.  Just like a car.  They can idle.  How cool would that be?  Are there women out there who can do that too?  I’d kill for that ability.  But I have my own ways of getting there.  I have to do it by reading a mindless book.  Or sometimes I can achieve that state when I am doing something intensive like creating a piece of jewelry or a painting.  Painting is something I have not done in years though.

Anyway, this week I am getting things ready for a sort of “Open House” going away party for my son.  So if you don’t see a lot more posts this week, (and next week when he is actually leaving) then you’ll know it is because I am trying to hold onto my sanity in the midst of my firstborn striking out on his solo flight.  I’ll not go into the emotional play by play.  If you’re interested in that sort of thing, I refer you to my other blog.

As far as this one goes, I don’t mind admitting to you that my mind is sort of blown by the sheer magnitude of all that I have reported on here in the past week or two as it is.  In all my five years of watching these prophecy-related events, this last couple of weeks has been the most intense yet.  It is sometimes necessary to step back a little, since I am just a one-woman operation.  You guys understand, if you have been with me all along and know a little history of me.  Summer changes my posting schedule most years anyway, but I am grateful that there are so many who still keep coming back.

Stats-wise, if you’re interested, the all-time views for Serve Him In The Waiting are now over 165K.  My highest volume day remains the article I published about the first guy President Obama had killed after he got into office, photo included, who looks so much like Obama.  Title of the article was “Yet another secret about Obama?” In light of the questions surrounding his identity, I found that very interesting.  I saved the photo from one of those obscure little articles that I happened upon, as the story never did make an appearance in any big mainstream news venue.  That article alone received 2,108 views that day.  Somebody with a much bigger following than me, had to have picked it up.  I still don’t have any readers in Siberia that I know of, but 175 nations!  I pay less attention these days to the numbers.  I did early on as a means of getting the blog out there and established.

I would appreciate the prayers of all you parents who’ve already had a birdie fly from the nest.  I’ll still have one here, but he’s going to be a Junior in high school so it won’t be long for him.  I was a late-in-life mama.  People often comment on the maturity of our boys.  I have to think that having mature parents may have had some bearing on that.

Well, anyway, that is my “personal note” post for ya.  I pray that you guys are still looking up and trusting the Lord’s timing even as you watch things unfold at the breath-taking rate they are doing now.  I have to admit I have moments I get ruffled.  But God has a perfect plan in place.  It all comes down to choosing to trust.  It is a whole lot easier than trying to have it all figured out for myself, I can tell you that much.  I know a lot of people who would consider that disgracefully simplistic, but think about it.  What did you think, the Lord meant by “the faith of a child” which He upholds as the most desirable and potent kind?  For a kid, “because Daddy told me” is enough.  Thank goodness that kind of faith is pleasing to the Lord because sometimes that is all I have.






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    • That’s right, brother, to walk the road the Lord sets before you, is to live for Him in the most rudimentary and essential way, I think. Oft-times it’s not in grand and momentous things, but in the daily grind, where we can honor Him best. Like that funny Dory-fish in Finding Nemo, I “just keep swimmin’, swimmin’, swimmin’…..” but I have lots of loving and encouraging people in my life that I can always count on to cheer me on when it gets a little rough. A gal can’t ask for much better than that!


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