What’s this? Obama growing a beard?


He wears it well, doesn’t he?

This is what I know.  Obama started out his first year as president, with a “world apology tour”.  Obama’s birth certificate, school records, medical records and college records are sealed.  Obama’s own social security number is a number issued only in Connecticut.

Obama has given lip service, but no outward evidence to being a Christian, and yet he was raised Muslim and says that the Muslim call to prayer is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.  When he won the election, Muslims in America celebrated, and boasted that their flag would soon fly over the White House.  Not long after that, Air Force One did an unannounced fly-by over the skyline of Manhattan, frightening the city dwellers, with a move hauntingly reminiscent of 9/11. I still don’t accept the “photo op” story.

Night after night, pundits and bloggers, talking news heads and prognosticators of all sorts, wax eloquent over the naivety,  foolishness, and ignorance of one B.H. Obama.

Once and for all, I would like to just say, have you ever looked into the way that socialism and Islam work hand in hand?  The two have been committed bedfellows as far back as the late thirties and probably beyond.  Marxists hate Jews, so does Islam.  Marxism claims to be “for the people” the little guy, standing against the rich elite “oppressor class”, so does Islam, and in fact, Hagel praised Mohammed as a Hagelian “agent of reform”.  Marxist socialism is responsible for millions of deaths-of anyone who won’t get on board with it’s ideology, same with Islam.  Socialism’s ultimate goal is self-satisfaction, Islam, being both a religious and political ideology, has the same ultimate goal, only difference being that the Marxists aspires to a “Utopia” of sensuous pleasures on Earth, while Islam teaches their eternal sex with virgins in heaven.

Obama is a Marxist Socialist politically, and a Muslim “honorarily” if not convictionally. The two ideologies coexist with little to no conflict, each enjoying the mutual benefits of the other.  Marxists seek to depopulate the Earth, Muslims get “extra virgin credits” for killing infidels.  (Don’t ask me what the women Jihadists get from that deal!)

As far as Obama can tell, he’s on a win/win roll, that is why he is not bothered by public opinion, and why he doesn’t bat an eye about investing American dollars and life-blood, in pitting Muslim factions against one another in the Middle East, nor is he “concerned” about terrorists flowing across our border.  He doesn’t care if black gang members kill one another, as long as blacks continue to vote Democrat, since a vote for a democrat is a vote for Socialism.  He isn’t doing all the things he is and has done to weaken this country, out of ignorance, nor is he doing it out of some well-meaning but misguided idealism with the “good of the people” at heart.

Everything he does is calculated.  It is not that he is some sort of evil genius, but he is sold out to forces that, whether he recognizes it or not, are of the devil himself.  The thing about a Marxist is that they don’t credit the spiritual world with existence.  That makes them very handy for Satan to use.  They believe in the ultimate power of humanity, namely themselves.  It is impossible to have a whole world populated by only those who aspire to self-supremacy.  No one can be supreme while there are others around who might overtake them.  Therefore Marxism and Islam have one more thing in common.  They both will eventually self-destruct.

But I don’t have to have a Doctorate in Sociology, religion, anthropology, or even extensive knowledge of Islam or Marxist Socialist dogma to know that.

The Bible tells us that he who would be first, shall be last.

Those in “Christiandom” who are stirring up a zealous frenzy about how Muslim eschatology is “similarly opposite” to Bible eschatology, are just one more of Satan’s ploys to keep Believers off-kilter and anxious.  I admit that when I first started hearing about that, I was intrigued.  But any Bible-literate Christian who has ever had a few in-depth conversations with people with apostate beliefs, Jehovah’s Witnesses for example, can recognize pretty quickly in the discourse, that what they are taught is always specifically calculated to “call foul” the core doctrines of the Bible.  JW’s are taught what “talking points” to expect will come up, and exactly what to say to them.  It is so unoriginal, and that is what lumps all of the false religions together.

Now I ask you, does truth need to concern itself with lies.  Do lies threaten the actual truth in any way?  No, the truth stands on it’s own two feet, so to speak.  If someone doesn’t like the truth, they look to take a different path.  They can easily walk along that path telling people along the way, that they are headed to paradise at the end of their road.  They will likely convince many to join them in their quest.  Especially when the trip has all sorts of perks, like doing away with pesky morality and “guilt”.  But there is a way that seemeth right to a man, and the end thereof is death.

God already said that “The Way” is narrow, and few will be those who take it.

When a Muslim lets his beard grow (stops shaving) it is a sign of his unwavering commitment to Islam.  Mohammed instructed his followers to grow the beard so they would stand out from Christians and Jews.  Salafi Muslims are those Muslims who follow most closely all aspects of Mohammad’s teachings.  Taquiaa prohibits Muslims from deceiving other Muslims, but with “infidels”, anything goes.  So Muslims in this nation, who are here for the purposes of taking over America for Islam, are not going to come into your community swinging their bloody swords and calling you an infidel, and giving you the ultimatum to convert or die.  They are going to buy a convenience store, or practice law, or medicine, or join our Army.  They are going to make like they have come to America for the same reasons millions have immigrated to America for a couple of centuries now.  You will not know whether the neighbor who is Muslim is friendly or just very patiently waiting for their numbers and influence to reach a certain threshold across the nation, to grow that beard and show you his true colors.  And here is another important consideration.  Muslims who have come here from Muslim-dominant nations, know what real Islam is.  They know that those who don’t follow all of the laws and teachings of Mohammed are considered every bit the infidel that we Jews and Christians are.  So all of those “non-violent”, peaceful Muslims will be the first to start growing their beards in the event of a significant rise in power of radical Islam here.  They know first hand what end awaits them if they do not, it is most likely why they came to America.

I don’t hate my Muslim neighbors.  But God hates murderers, those who harm children, and through out the Bible are examples of God’s people carrying out just wars to subdue evil.  Isn’t it interesting that is exactly what ISIS will tell you they are doing. It becomes a bizarre “fun-house” type experience when one has been thoroughly indoctrinated with the false notion that Islam is a “religion of peace”.  First off, it’s not really purely a religion.  It is very political.  It aspires to dominate the world.

We have seen it in the U.K., in France, now in Germany.  As far as Muslims are concerned, the world consists of two arenas.  Those where Islam has conquered, and those which are fields of war yet to be conquered.  Where Christianity dies, Islam prevails.  Fifty and a hundred years ago, Missionaries went all over the world out of America.  I saw one article this morning that was entitled “Our Pastors Have Failed Us”.  I admit I didn’t read it, but I have to take issue with the statement’s premise.  Are pastors in this nation going to have a serious lot to answer for, when they face God?  You bet they are.  But as much as it is a pastor’s job to teach and preach the Word, parents have failed to teach their own kids what the Bible says, and have failed to consult the Bible themselves.  Relativism was already deeply rooted in Europe a couple of centuries back.  Those who held to the Old Paths of faith, saw the “handwriting on the wall”, and out of the oppression of Britain, settled in America, establishing a “more perfect union”, and based it’s laws on Biblical principles.  But even as they did, the “principalities and powers” which seek to rob, kill, and destroy, began anew their plans to undermine the endeavor.

The devil is a smart being, but with intelligence, often comes arrogance.  Arrogance becomes blindness.  Americans are pretty educated.  The education system having been hijacked by cultural Marxists thanks in no small part to John Dewey and his “Experiential Education” theory.  This theory gave rise to the modern misguided notion that children learn best when considering the background and experience of each individual child, and working within that paradigm.  This method encourages kids that their “experience” informs what is real, instead of teaching them absolutes, and having them adapt and live according to truth, or face the consequences.  This experiential education perpetuates relativism, which precludes and rejects absolutes.  God, on the other hand, is absolute.  His law is absolute.  So it is easy enough to see how the educational system in the U.S. had to do away with God, Christianity, prayer, etc.

So this is where we find ourselves today.  A nation that has lost her way.  A man in office who not only disdains Christianity, but embraces political Islam for political gain, using both Islam, and America itself, to further his globalist Marxist aspirations.  He is religiously neither Christian nor Muslim, but Humanist.

He may never grow a beard, but just as surely as he bowed to Muslims all over the Middle East, he is redistributing American wealth to Muslim interests for the purpose of destroying America and yes, Israel.  Obama despises this country.  He despises God.  But even now, Obama is merely a pawn.  From the beginning we knew, he was a puppet.  The world’s best guess as to the string-pullers, is of course, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, but behind closed doors, it is not the Pope, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, (and those guys are behind doors Obama isn’t privileged to pass through), but what is behind them.   Which is the shadowy world of the demonic realm.  People who have bought into Satan’s delusion that he will conquer God, and they will be rewarded for helping him do so.

We who walk in the light, have nothing to fear.  But those who reject the light, are in the dark, unable to see, left only to theorize, guess, to buy guns and ammunition, to build bunkers and, if they can afford it, some are leaving America, giving up their citizenship.  What we see happening makes utter sense only to those who read and believe the Bible.  And only those who are born-again of the Spirit can see this present situation for what it is.

If you do not have Christ as your savior, you should be afraid of what is happening in our world.  Sometime soon, “the worst” is going to become a reality, and then, there will be things following on the heels of that, which you can’t even begin to imagine, much less prepare for.  There is no prepping that will see you through the Tribulation Hour.   But you can escape it altogether, by asking Jesus to save you now.  That entails confessing that you are a sinner, understanding that He, who never sinned, died to pay the price, to take your punishment for you, and then God raised Him from the dead, and now Christ sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven.  The tribulation is about the wrath of God, a controversy with the nations.  Those who have been washed in the blood, are not subject to wrath.  Their pardon is complete and the sacrifice was sufficient.  But you have to present yourself before God and ask, in order to receive.

I know a lot of people these days have never heard anyone talk about the Tribulation other than in derision.  The Bible said it would be this way.   Scoffers.  I thank God that I grew up in a home that did talk about it, and was taken to a church that did talk about it.  I can remember a Sunday School teacher asking us how we would respond if someone put a gun to our heads, and told us that they would let us live if we would renounce our faith.  I couldn’t imagine it happening here in America, way back then.  Now, since it happens in Europe, since it happens on an hourly basis in the Middle East, since Americans have been killed as “Infidels” both here and around the world, I know it can happen here.

But Islam will not prevail.  Prophecy is full of the promises of what God will do to that people.  Even before the tribulation begins.  The “tribulation” is just another name for the events of Daniels Seventieth week.  It will be about seven years, and at the end, Christ will return.  It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or you don’t.  Except your belief will determine how you spend eternity.  So, yes, if you are unsaved, you have much to fear.  Hell on Earth, and then eternity in Hell.  Even God’s mercy  and patience have an end.