Religions uniting for World Peace just got local

Well, last month it was the Jehovah’s Witnesses openly proclaiming a coming New World Order, this past week the former Israeli president calling upon the Pope to create a U.N. of religions, and I am really curious to know how many of you guys are seeing anything like this in your own local areas.  If so, please leave a comment and link in the comment box below.  This gathering is a call to Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, all and any faiths, to come together and “dialogue” about world peace.  —S.T.Lloyd



With so much fighting going on these days, world peace seems like only a dream. However, one program aims to make it a reality, and you are invited to participate.

The program is called Harmonious Interfaith Relations and it will be held at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Richmond. People of all faiths are invited to come together to have a serious conversation to help make a difference.
“There is a common thread that runs through all the faiths,” Universal Peace Federation director Rev. F. George Russell said.
It is under that common thread that Russell hopes will encourage people to come together to talk peace.
Harmonious Faith Relations is a partnership between the Catholic Diocese of Richmond and the Universal Peace Federation. It will include a panel of people representing the major faiths in Virginia.
“Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and, of course, Christianity,” said Dale Fickett, director of the Virginia Conference of Catholic Bishops.
They will talk about issues from their faith perspectives – issues such as economic empowerment, education, and health care.
Dale Fickett believes this is a critical time to have such discussions.
“It’s really important for us to have some really healthy dialogue about the vision that we have for society collectively and what that means within our different communities,” Fickett said.
Both men hope these conversations will lay the foundation for a strong call to action.
“Hopefully, afterwards, we can have a very solid foundation, a unified base, so to speak, so we can do great things here in the greater Richmond area and throughout the state,” Russell said.
The Harmonious Interfaith Relations program will be held at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart on Monday evening from 6 to 9. Light refreshments will be served in the cathedral’s parish hall from 5 to 6 p.m.

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