DHS Doesn’t Know About the 40 ISIS Terrorists Who Returned to the U.S.

Coupled with the fact Isis just sent out the call to Islamists around the world to kill all the infidels, we may know sooner rather than later, just how bad this problem is.

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*** If you see this post at The Washington Free Beacon or Fox News, Sara is the author and researcher. Just sayin’. Credit should be given to those that do the real reporting.

By: Sara Noble

Independent Sentinel

Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop representing CD-1 on Long Island told a concerned audience at a LIMBA meeting Friday of last week that of the approximately 100 Americans who went to fight with ISIS, 40 have returned.

DHS, the State Department, Jeh Johnson, John Kerry and other key government officials are completely unaware that these terrorists have returned if one can judge by their comments made before Congress on Thursday.

Mr. Bishop is currently being accused of exaggerating the number or exposing secrets. He would not “come to the phone and explain where he got it” when a Newsday reporter called him.

When Rep. Peter King was asked about it, he said he…

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