The Significance of ISIS in Baghdad


Since 1924 there has been no single “Caliphate” under which a large majority of Muslims have united.  We all are aware of the numerous factions within Islam.  However, for a significant portion of Muslim history (500 years) the powerful Abbasid Caliphate (third successor from Mohammed) was centered in Baghdad, prior to that, the capital of the Islamic Empire, was Damascus, Syria.

The first Gulf War (90-91 under GHW Bush a.k.a. Desert Storm/shield, in response to the Iraqi invasion into Kuwait) pretty much destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure.  In 2001 and going forward we kept hearing about those WMD’s and in 2003 we invaded Iraq (Iraqi Freedom) under “Dubya” without officially declaring war.  Hussein fell,  and was tried and executed by the new government, but even before that government was in place, the insurgency had begun, and continued to build into a full-scale civil war in Iraq.  Through ’08 U.S. coalition forces maintained a certain level of stability there, though the insurgency continues to this day, and civil war is now flaring again.  In Feb. of ’09 Obama announced the 18 month withdrawal.  Three years ago Obama completed the withdrawal of our troops (not really, but “officially”) and all of the lives lost, coalitions built, and rebels trained, were  essentially rendered to be “for naught”, as the U.S.-trained fighters dropped their U.S.-provided weapons and ran screaming like little girls in the face of ISIS.

The goal of Islam is that one day their Mahdi will rule and rid the world of evil.  They disagree among themselves in the details of their eschatology, but the whole point of a Caliphate is to subdue the world in it’s entirety, and “jihad is the way”!  The Jihadists from various factions are now defecting to ISIS at a breathtaking rate.   When the U.S. troops left, there was no longer protection for average Iraqi citizens trying to go about their lives.  Destabilized and/or corrupted governments make for chaos and unbridled thuggery at the street level, as we are learning here in America.  As such, many people who are unable to defend themselves, or pay bribes, may have no other choice but to join ISIS.   A thousand Turks join ISIS daily according to one Business Insider article, and that doesn’t address Americans and others who are joining.

We have over a thousand of our own service personnel in Baghdad right now, and ISIS has shown how easily it can stop air traffic in and out of the area.  U.S. airstrikes pushed ISIS back from the Haditha Dam in recent days, but that will merely slow ISIS down,  not stop them.

All in all, if ISIS succeeds in securing Baghdad, it will be a uniting factor and a mutual victory for all of Radical Islam, and since it is always preferable to be fighting on the side of those who appear to be “winning” such a victory in and of itself, would be a coup for ISIS recruitment efforts, while those who remain on the “other side of the war” from ISIS, will also join ranks against them.

Keeping in mind that Baghdad will likely be the military headquarters for the Antichrist is believed by most prophecy experts (at least those who take a literalist approach), I think this is a really major development to watch.

Isis is working as hard and making huge strides in and around Syria as they are in Iraq.  Also in Lebanon, the Golan Heights, Egypt’s North Sinai and Derna , and support for ISIS is growing in Jordan as well, particularly since Jordan officially joined in the U.S. coalition against ISIS.

It appears to this blogger, that ISIS will be a means for positioning the enemies of Israel to go up against her in the Psalm 83/Isaiah 17 conflict, which will seemingly provide Israel that , “peace and security” that will let her tear down the walls.  Israel must be the land dwelling without walls, in order for the Ezekiel 38 event to occur.

It is a “given” that Iran (Shi’ite) will fight ISIS (Sunni) in Iraq, because they are a threat to the (currently) Shi’ite majority in Iraq.   Currently our dunder-headed leader is seeking to “offer” certain concessions to Iran on the nuke issue, in return for their help in fighting ISIS over in Iraq.  (Please don’t throw me in that there briar patch!!!).   I’m no foreign policy expert, but the stupidity of those “in charge” is sometimes astounding.

The Islamic republic of Iran (they claim their own caliphate) wants Israel destroyed as much as ISIS does.  But Iran is aligned with Russia and Russia with China.  Those states pertain to the Ezekiel 38/39 war.

From my little window on the world, that’s the significance of ISIS and specifically as it relates to Baghdad.   If ISIS gains control in Iraq, the Middle East will officially be rendered overall, in it’s most unstable state to date, and the humanitarian crisis that already is unprecedented, will multiply exponentially.

With U.S. committing millions here, and billions there, for various peacekeeping, and Ebola-fighting, efforts, with the stock market experts warning of bank runs, and the upcoming “surprise premium increases” of affordable healthcare so big the Obamanator refuses to reveal them until after the midterms, well, 2015 is shaping up to be a doozy!  Should we make it through the rest of 2014 without “all hell breaking loose”, that is.

I am thankful the Lord has taught me how to live “one day at a time”.



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