You don’t hear the big insurance companies crying, do you?

Obama got elected because so many people foolishly believed the lie that he was “all for the little people”.  He pandered to the pet gripes of a sector of people who have been brainwashed for years, to believe that they are “entitled”.  Now that they recognize they’ve been played, they are madder than ever.  Problem is, even in their disillusionment, they are still being played.  Ferguson is the proof of this.

Right now and in the coming weeks, it has been widely reported that many will see significant premium increases in their health insurance plans. The same administration who pretends Capitalism is “Satan incarnate”, just continues to feed the beast.  The effect of Obamacare on the big insurers, is less than that of a paper cut.  It’s the smaller companies, a.k.a. “the competition”, that has been cut off at the knees.  That’s why you don’t hear Aetna and Cigna, WellPoint, Humana, and United Healthcare raising a ruckus over it. All they have had to do is pass the cost on to their customers.  And don’t think any of those will be joining forces with the “new Congress” to do anything about repealing it!  They are actually benefitting in a huge way from all of this.  The market is hereby cornered.  So, as usual, big government and big business, in the sack together.  Same song, different verse!

“Obamacare’s regulations create a moat around the existing insurers and protect them from competition.” —Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner