Cop Fires on Unarmed Man and His 6-Year-Old Daughter on Their Way to Get Asthma Medicine

Why? What possible justification was there for him to have fired? Why would the officer get out of the car with his weapon drawn, for a traffic stop on someone who was speeding, and cut through a parking lot. What in that scenario, as described by this officer, is potentially deserving of taking the risk of shooting someone? I get that cops lives are always in danger. I get that there are criminals on the street who will shoot a cop. But where is there any room at all anymore for something just exactly like this scenario, wherein a dad was just trying to get to the life-saving medicine his child needed. Was the child having an asthma attack? The dad was probably terrified as it was. Granted if a child has asthma the parent should always have med on hand, but forgetting it is not a crime deserving of death. Seriously, this is a real problem. Just because no one got killed this time doesn’t mean this is not a problem.

Cop Fires on Unarmed man and His six year old daughter

The Citizen Media

Jacksonville, FL — Brian Dennison, 29, was rushing home to retrieve his 6-year-old daughter’s asthma medication Monday night when he was stopped by Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputy, J.C. Garcia.

Upon exiting his cruiser, Garcia immediately drew his sidearm and fired into the car of unarmed Dennison and his 6-year-old daughter.

According to the police report, Garcia spotted a green Ford Focus driven by Dennison speeding through a parking lot near West University Boulevard and St. Augustine Road. Garcia began following the car, and said it blew through a stop sign as it turned onto DuPont Station Road, nearly hitting another car and heading the wrong way toward St. Augustine Road.

By Matt Agorist
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