Why Did Obama & CIA’s Brennan, A Muslim Covert, Gift “Torture” Report To The Ummah?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

FOR the record, this site is not going to waste time debating the merits/effectiveness of reported tactics used by the CIA to elicit life-saving counter-terror intel. More to the point, as to whether said methods were filtered for approval through specific branches of gov’t, is neither here nor there. Oh please, as if permission slips are required to choose “techniques” from “Menu A”(okay) or “Menu B” (no go)! Outrageous. Rest assured, the enemy would just as easily behead each and every American championing soft-shoeing interrogations, as they would those who support “whatever it takes to get the job done”. Besides, are delicate methods an effective way to run intelligence operations? Whom are the leaders kidding? 

IN fact, we can all agree that rogue agents (those who “turn”) must be uprooted and severely punished. We get that. But those who are risking their lives in the field dare not be hampered…

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