One thought on “Air Force Band Flash Mob at the Smithsonian

  1. What a treat for Christmas! Nobody like Johann Sebastian Back to make me cry and give me chills all over. I posted it on my blog a few days ago. I really like your big screen for your tube videos. I am more restricted on Blogspot. The topic for my English lesson today will be ” Consumerism”, it´s the right time of the year. We will compare the state of the economy and the sin of greed, envy and gluttony in the US and Brazil. I don´t see any difference. Sinners are the world over.
    We Christians are content, we have learned how to live when the cows are fat and when they are lean.I might help to learn how to fast once in a while. Who knows, we might soon have to practice it seriously.
    Blessings to you. I am writing a reply to your comment on Return to Mecca video. This morning I spent some time building up my left lateral bar with personal studies, testimonies, stories and such. Drop by if you have some time and tell me what you think. I also added a list of articles on Lordship salvation. Very well written by serious pastors and theologians and biblically and doctrinally sound. What do you think? You know I don´t shrink from reading a dissertation, so don´t be afraid to lay it on thick :). It´s always interesting to me. It takes one to know one, doesn´t it?


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