How about unlawful arrest? No mention of the policeman’s complicity or accountability. Apparently you can be arrested at any time for any reason, even when no laws whatsoever are being broken. Don’t tell me there isn’t any reason for people to mistrust the police. Why is the focus on the school board in regards to the arrest? The school board is guilty of a frivolous suit against the parent, the disturbing nature of the school assignment aside. That a judge blasted them is all well and good, but it seems to me that everyone completely misses the real crime, which is that to show any resistance or protest whatsoever to the actions of officials in any “governing” capacity whatsoever, can land a person in handcuffs, jail, and court. I can’t even begin to guess upon what imaginary authority, a school board can order a police officer to arrest a parent for daring to violate their arbitrary two-minute time limit for holding the floor.


The Citizen Media

Dismisses charges against parent who objected to explicit reading assignment

A judge in New Hampshire’s 4th Circuit Court blasted a school board for “silencing” a concerned parent who exposed an objectionable reading assignment given to his teen daughter.

William Baer was handcuffed and escorted out of a school board meeting May. 6 after refusing to comply with the board’s two-minute rule. He was voicing concern about “Nineteen Minutes,” a book required for his daughter’s high school honors reading class that he compared to a “transcript for a triple-X-rated movie.”

In dismissing charges against Baer, Judge James M. Carroll said the court “does agree with the defendant’s argument that, often in an official meeting or at the court, for that matter, individuals, from time to time, may be disruptive, but the disruptiveness should not be cause for an arrest in the first instance.”

“The sequence of the arrest actions cause pause…

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  1. You, my friend and sister in Christ, live in a Police state like I do in the UK. Recently a lady was arrested in a soccer stadium for tearing a Koran, (like we live in Sharia law). She was banned from every soccer ground in the UK.


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