Urgent FYI: A primer on the current DHS funding/Immigration tug-of-war going on in D.C. right now

Below is a screen capture of the memo that our U.S. Congressman for Virginia, Hon. Randy Forbes sent to constituents in his district summarizing what is at play in this DHS de-funding ploy, and the battle to rein in Obama’s unilateral and unlawful action on immigration.  If you wish to click any of the links contained in the memo, you must click this link: Memo: PERSONAL — Immigration memo from Randy Forbes. to view the posted memo in it’s entirety on it’s own web page.  What appears below is a “snapshot” so the links are not accessible by clicking on the images below.  The memo contains a “minimized” screen capture of Congressman Forbes letter to Harry Reid, including the signatures, and below that in this post, I have inserted a (clickable) link for you to see that letter on it’s own webpage in full.  I appreciate this information as it provides important explanation of what is taking place which many in congress would prefer the average citizen to remain ignorant of.  This is vital information for everyone in every state, because it is a huge part of Obama’s planned “fundamental” change of this nation into something we hardly recognize, and demonstrates that there is still a fight taking place.  Thank the good Lord for the judges and Governors, the citizens and the few in Congress who are standing up against the lawless usurper-in-chief. Keep them in your prayers!

Randy Forbes on Immigration and DHS1 Randy Forbes on Immigration and DHS3

( Note: Click HERE to view the above letter from Congressman Forbes to Harry Reid on it’s own web page full-size.)

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  1. Department of Homeland Security will continue to be 87% funded because it falls under the “essential services” umbrella regardless of what the Senate and the House do with the bill. This is our RINO friends in action….


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