You guys know I am not one to raise an alarm, however, this is a video you really should watch

Thank you to Linda for sharing this.

Lots of good specific info to support the speculation that something is possibly coming as soon as this autumn.  Keep in mind, the Bible told us to expect sudden destruction when they are saying “peace and safety”.  I think this is the instance of the utterance of “peace and safety”, which that scripture refers to.  I think this because of all the other things that are in place, and the fact that Netanyahu is inclined to do what he has to do, and this pressure is going to force his hand.  I still believe there is a high likelihood that we will endure a period of massive upheaval all over the world, and in the midst of that, the trumpet will sound and the Lord will call us up.  However, if it does not go that way, hang on to your faith.  God is in control.  Pay particular attention to Oliver North’s words in the Greta Van Sustern interview, about how the Sunni/Shia all-out war is going to effect America.  This video gives you an idea how it’s all going to converge.