Checking in on the Jayvee Team

Hey, now, Ralph, that “pet goat” remark was a little harsh. That’s no way to talk about a man’s wife!

Nice Deb

With so much of the world’s attention in recent weeks being on Iran, ISIS must be feeling a little neglected because they appear to be acting out even more than usual.

“Hey, we’re an existential threat too,” they seem to be saying as they post pictures of themselves playing soccer with human heads.”

“Hey, we may not have nukes – yet – but we sure can make pretty decent cartoons of your president being decapitated.”

“Make no mistake – we really are the meanest kids on the block.”

The Islamic State is demanding a $30 million ransom to release hundreds of Christian hostages.

Fox News reports ISIS jihadists are demanding $100,000 for each hostage.

“They know we cannot come up with this kind of money so they’re hoping other groups and countries will come up with the money,” Fox quoted an unnamed Assyrian leader.

The jihadi army captured 250-300 civilians…

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