▶ Wal-Mart Tunnels: Joint venture w/ DHS, NSA, DoD – YouTube

DISCLAIMER: The video below is from a YouTube channel called “Rise Together”. The person who is making these videos clearly subscribes to a New Age belief system and world view, and I want to make sure any first-time readers to this blog, as well as regulars, understand that I do not in any way endorse the New Age movement. I do in fact believe that it will constitute one facet of the end time delusion the Bible speaks of. Having said that, the information provided in the video is interesting in terms of the glimpse into events taking place in our nation that are not mentioned on mainstream news, and how these events may play out. We seem to be getting so very close to some major shift in this nation.

Recall that upon the flood of immigrants across our borders in recent months, the children and adult illegals were bussed to Wal-Mart stores to use their vouchers to get “necessities”. So, Wal-Mart is definitely “in” with the whole border issues. Also, Congress just agreed to fast-track Obama’s international trade agreements. Whatever is going to happen, sure seems like it’s going to go really fast once it starts, kind of like an avalanche.  With less than two whole years left for Obama to finish the job, there will probably be all sorts of campaign and election shenanigans going on to distract us and keep the left hand from noticing what the right hand is doing, but there is a pretty large contingent of folks definitely paying attention at this point, and passing along this information.